Cassandra Foster
Cassandra Foster - Sal Stowers
Sal Stowers as Cassandra Foster
Online Reboot of AMC
All My Children
The City
Portrayed by Yaya DaCosta (4/25/2008-8/25/2008)
Sal Stowers (2013—present)
Current status Contract, regular
Duration 1997, 2008, 2013-present
First appearance April 25, 2008 (on ABC's AMC)
April 30, 2013 (on PP's AMC)
Last appearance August 25, 2008 (on ABC's AMC)
Cause/reason Left for Paris, France in 2008
Created by James Harmon Brown
Barbara Esensten
Introduced by Jean Dadario Burke
Family Hubbard
Nickname(s) Cassie
Gender Female
Born 1997 (revised to 1990)
Age c23
Occupation Student
Residence Paris, France
Parents Angie Hubbard (adoptive mother)
Jacob Foster (adoptive father)
Jesse Hubbard (stepfather)
Siblings Frankie Hubbard (adoptive brother via Angie with Jesse)
Lucy Hubbard (foster-sister via Angie and Jessee)
Natalia Fowler (step-sister via Jesse with Rebecca)
Romances Dre Woods (dated)

Cassandra Foster is a fictional character on soap opera All My Children.  The character was originated on the now cancelled series The City in 1997 where she was born on-screen.  Yaya DaCosta played Cassandra from April 25, 2008 to August 25, 2008.  Saleisha "Sal" Stowers will be protraying Cassandra on the Prospect Park's reboot of All My Children in 2013.



Cassandra Foster is the adopted daughter of Jacob Foster (Darnell Williams) and Dr. Angela "Angie" Hubbard (Debbi Morgan), and the adopted half-sister of Frankie Hubbard (Cornelius Smith Jr.). Abandoned by as an infant in 1997, Cassandra is discovered by Angie in a garbage dumpster in the SoHo district of New York City. Angie is still experiencing the loss of her foster daughter Kayla, who has been adopted by another couple. Angie falls in love with Cassandra almost immediately, and she and her then-husband Jacob adopt her.

Following her parents' divorce, Cassandra decides to spend time with her father in Paris, France. In 2008, Cassandra (now aged to 18 years old) returns to the United States and travels to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania to meet her mother's first husband Jesse Hubbard (also played by Darnell Williams), who was erroneously believed to have died years before Cassandra's birth. In a strange coincidence, Jesse looks almost exactly like Jacob.

Cassandra has become fast friends with Colby Chandler (the daughter of her mother's former friend from high school Liza Colby) and local musician Dre Woods. She plans to begin studies at Pine Valley University in the fall.

Colby become quite intoxicated at her 18th birthday party. Dre was driving Colby's car when he and Cassandra decided to bring her home. He ran over someone in the road, but was unable to determine what the object was, since it was nighttime. The next day—upon learning that Richie Novak had been struck by a car on the same road at approximately the same time—the three teenagers feared that they had inadvertently killed him. Unaware that Richie had actually been murdered earlier that evening by his sister Annie Lavery, the teens vowed to keep the entire incident a secret.

However, Jesse later finds out that Dre, Colby, and Cassandra may have run over Richie. All three teenagers are taken in and questioned. Then Dre confesses that he was the one who ran over Richie. Cassandra, still in shock begins acting more and more insecure, blaming Jesse for everything, and treating Frankie better than her. She begins acting spoiled, and says Angie that she cannot be a part of the "little family" that she always wanted yet. She later books a flight to Paris to be with her father, Jacob, whom she claims is having a major surgery, and wants her to be there. Jesse later calls Jacob and he says that is just a minor gall bladder surgery and he explicitly told Cass not to come. Cassandra still says she is leaving, and apologizes to Angie and Jesse, saying that he was very nice to her, she just doesn't know how to fit into their lives yet, and after saying goodbye to Dre, she leaves for Paris.


She was supposed to be picked up from the airport and head to Jesse's and Angie's place for a surprise for Angie.  However, Jesse gets notification that there is something wrong.  She is seen on April 30th being tied to a bedframe by a unknown guy, later revealed to be Vlad.  She denies the food that Vlad gives her and later accepts the drugs that Yuri gives her.  It's revealed that they are addictive drugs used to break them down, so they can ship them to customers.

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