Haley Vaughan Santos (née Vaughan) is a fictional character on the soap opera All My Children.

Portrayed by Kelly Ripa
Parents Arlene Dillon Vaughan (mother)
Harry Vaughan (step-father)
Adam Chandler (biological father)
Siblings Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (adoptive paternal half)
JR Chandler (paternal half)
Anna Chandler (paternal half; deceased)
Miguel Reyes (paternal half)
Colby Chandler (paternal half)
Spouses Will Cortlandt (divorced)
Alec McIntyre (divorced)
Mateo Santos
Children Lorenzo Santos (with Mateo)

Max Santos (step; via Mateo)

Aunts and uncles Stuart Chandler (paternal uncle)
Lottie Chandler (paternal aunt)
Trevor Dillon (maternal uncle)
First cousins Amanda Dillon (maternal first cousin; via Trevor)
Tim Dillon (adoptive maternal first cousin; via Trevor)
Ross Chandler (paternal first cousin; via Lottie)
Scott Chandler (adoptive paternal first cousin; via Stuart)