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20081112 anixon book 240x320.jpg
Agnes Nixon as Aggy
All My Children
Portrayed by Agnes Nixon
Current status Former, Guest
Duration 2008
First appearance November 12, 2008
Last appearance November 12, 2008
Cause/reason Special Guest Role\Deceased
Gender Female
Born 1650
Died 1730
Age 80 (appeared as a ghost, Nixon was 80 years old at the time)
Cause of death Unknown, she appears as a ghost
Occupation Founded/Help to Build Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Aggy is the founder of Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. She first appears on the 10,000th episode in 2008. She was played by All My Chidren's creator Agnes Nixon, who also portrays briefly Agnes Eckhardt as well.


She is seen first as a mysterious woman who is found in the rubble at Pine Valley City Hall by Colby Chandler and Pete Cortlandt, who were a part of the clean-up crew after the aftermath of the series of tornadoes that struck the town.

She carries around a book called All My Children. As Opal Cortlandt, Tad Martin and the rest of the town discovers, Aggy is actually a ghost. She helped founded Pine Valley over a hundred years earlier [or more like 325 years ago due to the welcome sign saying 1683], and even wrote a bestseller back in the day: The aforementioned All My Children. At the end of the episode, Erica Kane said, "We'll rise from this even stronger, the great and the least", followed by, "The rich and the poor", from Adam Chandler; "The weak and the strong," from Jesse Hubbard; "In joy and in sorrow," from Tad; and "In tragedy and triumph", from Joe Martin. At the end of the speech, Aggy told the characters, "You are all my children", and blew a kiss to the viewers.

Book Showing in the Online Reboot of AMC

On April 29, 2013, Brooke English is seen with the book and the book is part of the opening sequence.