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Agnes Eckhardt
Agnes Nixon as Agnes Eckhardt
All My Children
Portrayed by Agnes Nixon
Current status Former
Duration 2005, 2008, 2011
First appearance 2005
Last appearance 2011
Cause/reason Series Finale
Gender Female
Occupation Board Member of Pine Valley Hospital

Agnes Eckhardt is a former long standing member of the Pine Valley Hospital board. She is played by AMC creator Agnes Nixon. (Agnes Nixon's maiden name was also Agnes Eckhardt).  Agnes Nixon would also portray Pine Valley's creator Aggy in 2008.


She first appears on the show's 35th anniversary episode (January 2005), attending Joe Martin's 35th anniversary. It was she who persuaded Dr. Martin to move from California and work for Pine Valley Hospital, and she is an old acquaintance of Nick Davis, in addition to having known Mona Kane and Palmer Cortlandt.

She appeared at Phoebe Wallingford's funeral (in 2005) and was seen briefly at Myrtle Fargate's funeral in 2008.  She returns on August 31, 2011 being admitted in the hospital being tended to by Cara Castillo and David Hayward She also crosses paths with Erica Kane.