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Reboot Characters

Jane McIntyreJoe MartinGriffin CastilloEvelyn JohnsonJesse HubbardAngie HubbardCara MartinAJ ChandlerDixie CooneyOpal CortlandtDavid HaywardBrooke EnglishMiranda MontgomeryAdam ChandlerCassandra FosterPete CortlandtZach SlaterBianca MontgomeryCelia FitzgeraldJR ChandlerAMC 2.0 cast.jpg
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Original Characters

Adam Chandler
Amanda Dillon
Angie Hubbard
Asher Pike
Bianca Montgomery
Brot Monroe
Caleb Cortlandt
Cara Castillo
Colby Chandler
David Hayward
Dixie Cooney Martin
Erica Kane
Jackson Montgomery
Jake Martin
Jesse Hubbard
JR Chandler
Liza Colby
Opal Cortlandt
Randi Morgan
Ryan Lavery
Scott Chandler
Tad Martin
Zach Slater
Babe Carey Chandler
Brooke English
Jamie Martin
Joe Martin
Marian Colby Chandler
Maya Mercado
Ruth Martin
Stuart Chandler


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