Annie Lavery
Melissa Claire Egan as Annie Lavery
All My Children
Portrayed by Melissa Claire Egan (2006-2011)
Current status Former, regular
Duration 2006-2011
First appearance July 10, 2006
Last appearance August 5, 2011
Gender Female
Occupation PR Executive at Chandler Enterprises (2009-10)
Head of Marketing at Fusion Cosmetics (2007-09)
Parents Walter Novak (father)
Emma Novak (mother; deceased)
Siblings Richie Novak (brother; deceased)
Spouses Terry McDermott (divorced; 2001-2006; deceased)
Ryan Lavery (invalid, then divorced; 2007, 2007-2009)
Adam Chandler (divorced; 2009-2010)
Scott Chandler (divorced; 2010)
Children Emma Lavery (daughter with Ryan)
unnamed child (miscarried with Ryan)
unnamed child (miscarried with Adam)

Annie Lavery Chandler (née Novak, previously McDermott) is a character of All My Children. she is played by Melissa Claire Egan since July 10, 2006 to August 5, 2011.


Annie came to Pine Valley on the run with her daughter Emma, from her ex-husband Terry McDermott. Erin Lavery helped her out while she was on the run. While in hiding she mistakes Ryan Lavery as Terry and shoots him. Ryan recovers from the shooting. Annie stops hiding once Terry is killed by Jonathan Lavery, Ryan's brother.

David Hayward claims that Emma is really Kate, Tad and Dixie's missing little girl. At first Annie does not want to take a DNA test because a previous test run during her divorce from Terry stated that she was not Emma biological mother. Emma was conceived through artificial insemination and Terry was not her biological father. Eventually Annie agrees to the DNA test which proves that neither Tad and Dixie or Annie are her parents. Ryan learns that a DNA condition called chimera may be the reason. Chimera causes the presence of two different DNAs being found in a one person. With this new information she runs another test confirming that she really is Emma's mother. Through all this Annie and Ryan become closer and begin a relationship.

Before David Hayward leaves Pine Valley, he informs Kendall that Ryan is actually Emma's biological father. Sharing a child with Ryan, Spike, Kendall does not completely trust David, and has her half-brother Josh Madden run yet another DNA test which proves that Ryan is Emma's biological father. Kendall does not tell Ryan or Annie. But Ryan finds out for himself that Emma is his daughter. Ryan hesitates about telling Annie the truth but it does bringing them closer.

Ryan and Annie start a relationship. During that time the Satin Slayer, a serial killer, was targeting Kendall so Annie and Ryan took care of Spike together. Ryan proposes to Annie. Annie was reluctant at first but said yes.

At their reception, Ryan is arrested on bigamy charges since he was still technically married to Greenlee Symthe. Annie had her own secret that she had sent her brother, Richie Novak, to prison. Their parents would not believe that Richie was dangerous so Annie gave a false testimony at her brother's trail. She told Ryan the truth, unknowingly that Richie was in town stalking her, going by the name Wes.

After Ryan loses his memory of the last 4 years, she does everything she can to hold on to him including getting pregnant after finding out that Ryan's vasectomy was never performed. When Richie is arrested for multiple crimes, including leaving Zach Slater and Greenlee for dead in an abandoned bomb shelter and kidnapping & stealing bone marrow from J.R. Chandler, he blackmails Annie into bailing him out of jail. Since he was aware of Annie's scheme to get pregnant, Annie helps Richie get away after he kidnaps Babe. They get into an argument while driving away. While Richie is changing a flat tire Annie kills him with a tire iron.

Richie's ghost taunts Annie for while and Annie starts to come undone. Thinking Greenlee wanted to get back together with Ryan she plots to kill her but instead of killing Greenlee she has a miscarriage. While in the hospital, Annie confesses to Ryan about knowing that his vasectomy was not performed. Ryan leaves her. To get back at Ryan for leaving her, Annie staged a faux kidnapping of Emma with help of Aidan Devane. Di Henry looked after Emma for her. Di did not know that it was a staged kidnapping. During a confrontation between Annie and Di, Di is killed. Ryan recused Emma from a burning church, knowing all along it was a fake kidnapping. Ryan confronts Annie about it at the penthouse. Annie pulls a gun on Ryan and Greenlee. Greenlee manages to get the gun pointed at Annie. Annie leaps from the balcony.

At a fundraiser to help Pine Valley rebuild the town after tornadoes hit, Annie shows up at Fusion wearing a wedding dress, holding a knife covered in blood after stabbing Erica Kane. Believing it is Ryan and her's wedding day, Ryan gets her to hand over the knife. She is arrested. At her hearing she is declared mentally unfit to stand trial. She is sentenced to receive treatment at Oak Haven.

Dr. Riley Sinclair is in charge of her care, with her own agenda. Dr. Sinclair video tapes Annie in her room and gets her transferred to the max-security wing. Sinclair does everything she can to get Annie to confess to killing Richie and proving she is sane to stand trail. Dr. Sinclair turns out to have a past with Richie. She was a doctor of Richie's while he was in prison and had a relationship with Richie. Finally getting Annie to confess to killing Richie on tape, she gets the judge to move up the court day. A fight ensues between Sinclair and Annie, and Sinclair tries to inject Annie with poison, but Annie manages to fend her off. Sinclair is sent to prison. Aidan promises to stand by Annie as she gets help.

Annie starts talking to an imaginary friend named Tori. Aidan investigates the identity of Tori and discovers that she was an old friend of Annie's that had died at Annie's birthday party as a child. Richie told Annie that she had killed her when in truth Richie killed her. Annie escaped from Oak Haven and goes on the run with Aidan. Annie leaves him behind when the authorities closed in on them and returned back to Pine Valley.

Aidan follows her back to Pine Valley and catches her at Ryan's penthouse trying to see Emma. Annie locks Aidan in the building's basement and takes off to find Emma at the Chandler mansion. Finding Adam Chandler, who has been drugged and suffered a heart attack, Annie saves his life and hides Adam in the attic. Stuart Chandler, Adam's twin brother is murdered that same night.

Parents Edit

  • Walter Novak (father)
  • Emma Novak (mother; deceased)

Siblings Edit

  • Richie Novak (brother; deceased)

Marital Status Edit

  • single/divorced

Past Marriages Edit

  • Terry McDermott (divorced; 2001-2006; deceased)
  • Ryan Lavery (invalid; 2007)
  • Ryan Lavery (divorced; 2007-2009)
  • Adam Chandler (divorced; 2009-2010)
  • Scott Chandler (divorced; 2010)

Children Edit

  • Emma Lavery (daughter with Ryan)
  • unnamed child (miscarried with Ryan)
  • unnamed child (miscarried with Adam)


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