Asher Pike
Trent Garrett as Asher Pike
All My Children
Portrayed by Trent Garrett
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2010-11
First appearance August 13, 2010
Last appearance September 14, 2011
Cause/reason Series Finale
Family Cortlandt Family
Gender Male
Born October 31, 1990
Occupation IT tech for Chandler Enterprises
Computer hacker
Residence Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road), Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents Caleb Cortlandt
Sonia Reyes †
Romances Colby Chandler (kissed)
Aunts and uncles Palmer Cortlandt † (great)
Bess Cooney (great)
First cousins Ross Chandler (once removed)
Nina Cortlandt Warner (once removed)
Andrew Preston (once removed; via adoption)
Pete Cortlandt (once removed)
Will Cortlandt † (once removed)
Dixie Cooney Martin (once removed)
Melanie Cortlandt (once removed)
Julie Rand Chandler (twice removed; via adoption)
Bobby Warner (twice removed; via adoption)
Michael Warner (twice removed)
JR Chandler (twice removed)
Kathy Martin (twice removed)
Sam Grey (thrice removed)
AJ Chandler (thrice removed)

Asher Pike is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Trent Garrett from 2010, to the series finale.


Asher Pike first appeared in Pine Valley while looking for a missing dog. He became immediately interested in Colby Chandler, and Colby seemed quite taken with Asher. When Damon left Colby on the rooftop of Chandler Enterprises to momentarily take care of something, Asher arrived just in the nick of time to prevent Colby from plummeting to the ground after a handrail suddenly gave way.

A grateful J.R. Chandler offered to give Asher a job at Chandler Enterprises. Upon investigating his résumé, J.R. learned that Asher had lied about attending college. Asher later explained that he had, in fact, gone to college, but his records were completely wiped clean as part of a deal that he'd reached with the college. Asher had hacked into the college's computer system and changed the grades of some of the school's top athletes.

J.R. and Asher worked together to take down Caleb Cooney, Palmer Cortlandt's nephew. Palmer had passed away and left his company, Cortlandt Electronics, to Caleb to run in partnership with Erica Kane. J.R. discovered Asher's motivation to work for him when he learned Caleb was Asher's father. Asher blamed Caleb for his mother's death. Colby also learned Asher's secret when she tried to comfort him on Halloween. Asher confessed he hated Halloween because it was the anniversary of his mother's death, and his birthday.

Erica discovered Asher was Caleb's son when she connected Asher and Caleb to an old newspaper article about a mine explosion. Asher's parents, Sonia and Caleb, had been separated, and his father had worked in a mine. His mother had gone into the mine to find Caleb, she had gone into labor, and the mine had exploded. Asher and Caleb made it out, but his mother did not. Caleb gave Asher up for adoption.

On Halloween of 2010, Caleb learned Asher was his son when he and Asher had an argument in a stairwell. Asher lost his footing and fell down a flight of stairs. Erica arrived and told Caleb the young man lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs was his son. A DNA test confirmed it. When Asher regained consciousness, Caleb tried to be there for his son by asking Asher to move in with him. Asher refused, and he continued his efforts to take down Caleb when he publicly accused Caleb of murdering Sonia.

In time, Caleb and Asher slowly began to interact. Caleb arranged for Asher to receive a locket with a picture of his mother, and Caleb stated that he had loved Sonia and had been devastated by her death. Caleb also hinted that Adam Chandler had been involved with Sonia, and her death had been as much Adam's fault as Caleb's. Asher was hesitant to believe anything Caleb told him, and he was surprised when Caleb took care of Asher's legal troubles after Asher was caught speeding.

Asher shared his feelings about his father with Colby, and her boyfriend Damon noticed the growing connection between Asher and Colby. Asher tried to show Colby he felt more than friendship toward her. He flirted with her, and he kissed her. Colby dismissed Asher's attempts at a relationship and remained with Damon, but not for long. Colby and Damon broke up after Damon slept with someone else.

Asher learned Damon had slept with Colby's mother, Liza, when he overheard a conversation between Liza and Damon, but he did not tell Colby. When Colby learned the truth about her mother and Damon and went to tell Asher, he admitted he already knew what Damon and Liza had done. Asher claimed he had not wanted to cause her more pain. Colby was furious with Asher for not telling her, but she softened toward him when he was hospitalized. Erica Kane had been kidnapped, and Asher had gone with Caleb to search for Erica. During an explosion at a quarry, Asher had injured his legs.

Initially, Asher limited use of his legs following the quarry explosion and he required physical therapy to make a full recovery. Caleb remained by Asher's side during his stay in the hospital and he invited Asher to move in with him while he recuperated. Asher declined the offer and remained at the Chandler mansion but he accepted visits from his father. He also spent time with Colby and the new maid at the mansion Maya Mercado.

Colby and Asher started to take their relationship beyond friendship and Colby posted on her video blog that they were officially a couple. They decided to take their new relationship slow.

Although Asher was close to a full recovery after the quarry explosion, he continued to take his prescription pain medication and he increased the amount he took. When he went to the hospital for a refill, Frankie Hubbard refused to fill the prescription and suggested Asher might be addicted to the pills. At first Asher denied he was hooked on pills but soon realized his life was becoming centered on the pain medication. He decided to make a change and he moved in with his father and ended his relationship with Colby. She offered to continue to see him while he sorted his life out but he explained she deserved better than what he was able to give her. Asher and Colby kissed goodbye and he promised to work on being the kind of man she could depend on.

A few months later, Asher and Colby ran in to one another at Krystal's. They each admitted they would like to pursue the relationship they had started and Asher confessed he was heading back to school. Conveniently he had the same classes as Colby.

Crimes Committed

  • Hacked into a college's computer system to change grades for school athletes
  • Impersonated Caleb Cortlandt [Sep 13, 2010]
  • Hacked into Caleb's computer/Cortlandt Electronics
  • Assaulted Caleb Cortlandt [Sep 22, 2010]

Health and Vitals

  • Born six weeks premature
  • Critically injured in an explosion at a quarry [May 13, 2011]
  • Abused prescription painkillers [July 2011]
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