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Ava Benton
Leven Rambin as Ava Benton
All My Children
Portrayed by Leven Rambin
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2007-08
First appearance March 2007
Last appearance January 2008
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Benton Family
Gender Female
Occupation Former waitress at The Comeback
Residence Philadelphia
Parents Denny Benton (father, deceased)
Unknown woman (mother, deceased)
Siblings Lily Montgomery (paternal half)
Romances Jonathan Lavery (dated/engaged; 2007-08)

Ava Benton is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Leven Rambin from 2007-08.


Lily's look alike half-sister was found by Aidan Devane trolling the streets of Philadelphia for easy targets to steal from. Although Aidan wanted to keep her existence from Lily, his girlfriend Di sympathized with the troubled young woman and brought her to Pine Valley. Living with the Montgomery's, Ava got to know and love her sister as well as her sister's cousin Sean. When Jack could no longer tolerate her slutty behavior, Ava moved on to Wildwind and began waitressing at The Comeback where Krystal gave her a chance to make Lily proud of her. Also working there, though, was Colby who disliked Ava for having slept with her boyfriend, Sean, and for having planted drugs in his prom jacket which caused him to be arrested and sentenced to community service picking up trash. Ava quit her job when she became the face of Fusion Green for their day/night make-up campaign, posing as both herself and her virginal sister. Upset that Lily's ex-husband Jonathan made love to her because she looked like her autistic and untouchable sister whom he still loved, Ava dyed her hair brown and promptly got fired from her Fusion job. When she returned to The Comeback, Krystal refused to re-employ her because of her hurtful actions. After another confrontation with Jonathan at the boathouse, Ava downed pills purchased from a drug dealer.