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Becca Tyree
Spencer abigail.jpg
Abigail Spencer as Becca Tyree
All My Children
Portrayed by Abigail Spencer
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1999-2001
First appearance June 3, 1999
Last appearance April 10, 2001
Cause/reason Left Town
Gender Female
Occupation Station hand at WRCW.
Assistant at The Glamorama
Volunteer at a church soup kitchen
Assisted Scott in filming his film school application.
Residence Unknown
Siblings Robbie Tyree †
Romances Wally Whipple (high school crush)
Scott Chandler (dated)
Leo du Pres † (dated)

Becca Tyree is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Abigail Spencer from 1999-2001.


A Pigeon Hollow native and former bay-sitter to Adam Chandler Junior's babysitter, Becca first ventured to Pine Valley to give Dixie some things she needed from Pigeon Hollow. It was then that she had her first meeting with Scott Chandler. She really did not know her way around town and ran into him. He immediately became interested in this girl from the country, but she was not in a hurry to give him any vital information. She decided to stay in town and act as a live-in babysitter and helper at Tad and Dixie's house.

Eventually, Becca decided to give Scott the time of day and they became very close friends. She played a fundamental role in Scott's admission film for NYU. They fell in love, but she later called off the relationship when she accidentally viewed a tape Greenlee Smythe, Scott's ex-girlfriend, had made while they were in college together. Greenlee made Becca believe that the tape was all Scott's idea and Becca did not want to have anything to do with a person like that.

Later, she realized that Scott did not really make the tape and that Greenlee was telling her lies because she wanted Scott all to herself. Scott and Becca have started over with their relationship and things are going smoothly, except for the Greenlee's jealousy. Since Becca is a virgin, Greenlee is always teasing her and making fun of her background and her "pristine" morals. With the help of Leo du Pres, Vanessa Bennett's son, Greenlee attempted to sabotage Becca's reputation.

Things never really took off for Becca. In April 2001, without much fanfare, Becca left Pine Valley.