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Billy Clyde Tuggle
Billy Clyde Tuggle - Matthew Cowles.jpg
Matthew Cowles as Billy Clyde Tuggle
Online Reboot of AMC
All My Children
Portrayed by Mathew Cowles (1977-80, 1984, 1989-90, 4/16/2013)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1977-1980, 1984, 1989-1990, 2013
First appearance 1977 (on ABC's AMC)
May 16, 2013 (on PP's AMC)
Last appearance 1990 (on ABC's AMC)
Alias(es) Tuggle
Gender Male
Died 1990 (presumed dead)
Spouses Estelle La Tour (ex-wife)
Romances Dixie Cooney Martin (unrequited crush/obsession)
Children Emily Ann Sago

Billy Clyde Tuggle is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, All My Children, and the Online Reboot of AMC. He was portrayed by Matthew Cowles.


Billy Clyde Tuggle moved his prostitution ring to Pine Valley after the town's previous pimp, Tyrone, left. Billy Clyde's most profitable woman was Estelle La Tour, and he kept her under his influence with the use of mind-altering drugs. Soon after his arrival in town, Billy Clyde developed an obsession with Estelle's friend Donna Beck. He had high hopes for the profits that Donna could garner him, but his plans were thwarted when Donna met Chuck Tyler, a member of a prominent family in Pine Valley. Chuck and Donna married, but Billy Clyde continued to believe that Donna would be his.

After Donna married Chuck, Billy Clyde continued to scheme to make Donna his. Eventually, Estelle learned what he had planned, but he bought Estelle's silence by making her his wife. In return for keeping Billy Clyde's secrets, Estelle was taken off the streets. She accepted the offer, although she had developed feelings for Benny Sago. Billy Clyde sensed the attraction between his wife and Benny and tried to bury them alive. However, Chuck arrived, and Billy Clyde tried to kill him with a struggle. Chuck gained the upper hand, and Billy Clyde was sent to prison.

Years later when Billy Clyde was released from prison, he returned to Pine Valley and opened the Cyclops Disco under the alias John Rockafeller. A young woman named Emily Ann Sago worked at the disco, unaware that Billy Clyde was her biological father. Billy Clyde bonded with Emily and then revealed that he and Estelle, not Donna and Benny, were her parents. Emily was furious when she learned the truth and sided with Billy Clyde.

While Billy Clyde got better acquainted with his daughter, he met Dixie Martin, and they became friends. Dixie was married to Tad Martin and shared her marital insecurities with Billy Clyde. Although Dixie had a husband, Billy Clyde became obsessed with her and was furious when she rejected his romantic advances. He kidnapped her and planned to make her his wife. However, Emily got through to him and convinced him to let Dixie go.

Billy Clyde agreed to give up Dixie and realized that she would not be his, but he refused to let Tad have her either. Billy Clyde lured Tad to a bridge on the day that Tad and Dixie planned to remarry. Billy Clyde set off an explosion and both men fell off the bridge into icy water and were presumed dead.

Several years later, Billy Clyde was revealed to be alive and running his prostitution ring out of Center City. He claimed that he was doing the Lord's work and was offended by the services presented by a rival Russian prostitution outfit. In his quest to oust his competition, Billy Clyde ran into Pine Valley's Chief of Police Jesse Hubbard. When Jesse accused Billy Clyde of being involved in the disappearance of Jesse's step-daughter, Billy Clyde swore he was innocent.

Billy Clyde visited Pine Valley and was thrilled to see Dixie. She did not return the sentiment and slapped him. Regardless, Billy Clyde believed that the Lord was on his side and he cashed in a winning lottery ticket. He used the money to quietly purchase the Cortlandt Manor and he turned over his prostitution ring to his assistant. Although Palmer was deceased, Billy Clyde emulated him and ordered several suits from Palmer's former tailor and had a picture taken in which Billy Clyde looked distinguished as Palmer had.

When Joe Martin stopped by Cortlandt Manor, he was surprised to find Billy Clyde. Billy Clyde insisted that he had changed and proved his point by making an anonymous donation to the Miranda Center. He also intervened when a teenaged boy was being assaulted and later learned that the teen was Dixie's grandson. Later, Billy Clyde hid outside of the Chandler mansion where a gala was being held to benefit the Miranda Center and fantasized that one day he would be welcomed at such an event.