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The Carey Family is a fictional family from the ABC soap opera, All My Children.

CAREY Family Tree

Krystal Carey (Her real name is Hazel, but she liked the character of Krystal Carrington)

a. David Hayward
c. Arabella Carey (Babe Carey Chandler) (deceased)
m. Paul Cramer (deceased) [Married 2003; annulled]
m. Adam Chandler Jr. (JR Chandler) [Married: Summer 2003; invalid]
c. Adam Chandler III (AJ Chandler)
m. Adam Chandler Jr. (JR Chandler) [Married Jun 2, 2004; Divorced: February 28, 2005]
m. Adam Chandler Jr. (JR Chandler) [Married: Mar 23, 2006; Divorced: April 16, 2007]

c. Marissa Tasker (deceased) (Arabella's fraternal twin) (Given up for adoption at birth)
m. Adam Chandler Jr. (JR Chandler)

m. Adam Chandler Sr. [Married: Sep 21, 2005; Renewal: Mar 2006; Divorced: Dec 24, 2007]
a. Tad Martin
c. Jennifer Colby Carey (Jenny Martin)

m. Tad Martin [Married: Dec 24, 2007; Vow renewal: Jan 18, 2008; Divorced: Jan 28, 2009]

m. David Hayward [Married: Mar 3, 2009; Divorced: Dec 18, 2009]


  • m. Married
  • c. Child
  • a. Affair
  • r. Rape