Carter Anders
Jason Pendergraft as Carter Anders
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Jason Pendergraft
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2013
First appearance June 17, 2013
Last appearance September 2, 2013
Cause/reason Series Finale
Gender Male
Occupation Doctor at Pine Valley Hospital
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania

Dr. Carter Anders is a fictional character from the Online Reboot of AMC, portrayed by Jason Pendergraft in 2013.


Dr. Carter Anders was first seen on staff at Pine Valley Hospital in June of 2013 when he treated Angie and Jesse Hubbard's daughter Cassandra for drug withdrawal after she had been kidnapped by Russian sex traffickers. Dr. Anders spoke frankly regarding Cassandra's medical condition which enraged Cassandra's therapist Dixie Cooney. She explained that Cassandra had been subjected to drugs and rape against her will and demanded that Dr. Anders treat Cassandra with more sensitivity. Dr. Anders disagreed.

Dr. Anders was surprised when Dixie approached him outside of work and attempted to get to know him. He refused to open up to her but noted that she was a very attractive therapist. On several occasions, Dr. Anders stared at a picture of a woman and Dixie caught a glimpse of the picture. She encouraged him to talk about the woman and whatever had happened but he declined Dixie's offer to listen.

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