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Ceara Connor
Genie Francis.jpg
Genie Francis as Ceara Connor
All My Children
Portrayed by Genie Francis
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1990-92
First appearance 1990
Last appearance 1992
Cause/reason Died
Family Connor Family
Gender Female
Cause of death Shot by a sniper’s bullet
Residence Corinth (at time of death)
Parents Claudia Connor
Spouses Jeremy Hunter
Aunts and uncles Myrtle Fargate

Ceara Connor is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Genie Francis.


Ceara Connor knew she was a beautiful woman. She also knew her beauty was her greatest weapon. She moved into her Aunt Myrtle Fargate’s Boarding House in Pine Valley. Ceara was determined to marry one of the many rich men that the small town had to offer.

Ceara was hired as a fundraiser for Pine Valley University. There, she met the much younger college student David Rampal. David was the wealthy heir of an old Canadian family. But, before Ceara could put her plan into action, she met David’s father, Jeremy. Jeremy knew what Ceara had planned for his son and began to run interference.

Jeremy succeeded in breaking up Ceara and David’s relationship. Ceara was surprised to find she was falling in love with Jeremy. They were soon a couple. But, Ceara had trouble being intimate with Jeremy.

Ceara’s past had tainted her ability to truly find love. She had grown up in a poor family with seven children. No one heard her cries for help when her father, George Connor, molested her. She had long suppressed her guilt over the situation.

Ceara was forced to confront her past when George appeared in Pine Valley. One night, George made a move on her. She was overtaken by memories. In her psychosis, Ceara reached for a gun and shot her father dead.

With Myrtle and Jeremy’s help, Ceara sought counseling from Dr. Anna Tolan. Finally able to have a healthy relationship, Jeremy and Ceara took their relationship to the next level. They married that New Year’s Eve.

Ceara followed Jeremy to Corinth to find Carter Jones. Ceara fell victim to a sniper’s bullet.