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Online Reboot of AMC 2013

AJ Chandler

He is the son of JR Chandler and Babe Carey Chandler. He is now a teenager in the online reboot. He has a crush on Miranda Montgomery.

Pete Cortlandt

He is the son of Opal Cortlandt and Palmer Cortlandt. He is a college-aged entrepreneur in the online reboot.  He is infatuated with Celia Fitzgerald.  He was running a technology company in California, but now is running Cortlandt Electronics.

Celia Fitzgerald

She is a new character on the online reboot. She is a student/tutor at a private school.

Miranda Montgomery

Daughter of Bianca Montgomery. She is now a teenager in the online reboot.  She is best friend of AJ Chandler and has a crush on Hunter Morrison

Hunter Morrison

He is a new character in the online reboot. He is a classmate of AJ Chandler and Miranda Montgomery. He asks Miranda Montgomery to hang out.

ABC's All My Children

Emma Lavery

Spike Lavery

Jenny Martin

Kathy Martin

Gabrielle Montgomery

Ian Slater

Trevor Martin

Stuart Colby