The Cortlandt Family is a fictional family from the ABC soap opera, All My Children.


Palmer Cortlandt (Birth-name was Pete Cooney)

a. Charlotte "Lottie" Chandler (deceased)
c. Ross Chandler
m. Cynthia Preston
m. Ellen Tucker
c. Julie Rand Chandler (adopted) (Mark Dalton's with Elizabeth Carlyle)
m. Nico Kelly (married 1988)

m. Daisy Murdoch Cortlandt (Daisy's mother, Myra Murdoch Sloane, was the Corlandt's housekeeper)
c. Nina Cortlandt Warner
m. Cliff Warner (married 1980; divorced)
c. Robert Warner (born 1981; adopted) (Cliff's son with Sybil Thorne)
a. Kate Kelsey Jefferson
c. Samuel Carlos Grey (Sam Grey) (born 1996) (Adopted by Edmund and Maria Grey)
m. Kate Kelsey Jefferson (married and annulled in 1996)
m. Anita Santos (divorced in 2004)
m. Cliff Warner (married 1986; divorced)
c. Michael Warner (born 1987)
m. Matt Connelly (married 1987; divorced)
m. Cliff Warner (married 1988; divorced)
m. Cliff Warner (married 1989)

m. Donna Beck Tyler (married 1981; divorced)

m. Daisy Murdoch Cortlandt (divorced)

m. Cynthia Preston (married 1985)
c. Andrew Preston Cortlandt (adopted) (Cynthia's son from a prior relationship, adopted by Palmer)

m. Natalie Marlowe Dillon (deceased) (married 1987, died 1993)

m. Opal Purdy (Opal Cortlandt) (married 1990; divorced)
c. Peter William Cortlandt (Pete Cortlandt) (born December 1991)

m. Vanessa Bennett (married 1999) (divorced)

Bess Cooney

m. Paul Hunkle
c. Will Cortlandt (deceased) (died 1992)
m. Hayley Vaughan Santos (married 1992)
c. Dixie Cooney Martin
m. Adam Chandler Sr. (married 1989; invalid)
c. Adam Chandler Jr. (JR Chandler (born 1989)
m. Arabella Babe Carey Chandler (invalid)
c. Adam Chandler III (AJ Chandler)
m. Arabella Babe Carey Chandler (divorced) (deceased)
m. Arabella Babe Carey Chandler (Married: Mar 23, 2006) (deceased)
m. Marissa Tasker (deceased)
m. Tad Martin (married December 1989; divorced)
m. Craig Lawson (eloped 1991; divorced)
m. Brian Bodine (married 1993; divorced)
m. Tad Martin (married December 1994; divorced)
m. Tad Martin (married 1999; divorced)
c. Unnamed Child (miscarriage)
c. Kate Martin (Kathy Martin) (Given up for adoption and known as Kathy Mershon)
c. Melanie Cortlandt
m. David Rampal (married 1991)

  • Dixie Cooney's brother and sister, Del Henry and Di Henry, are shown on the Hunkle family tree as they have no Cortlandt blood line.

Unnamed Cooney Bess and Palmer's sibling

m. Unknown person
c. Caleb Cooney (Caleb Cortlandt)
m. Sonia
c. Asher Pike


  • m. Married
  • c. Child
  • a. Affair
  • r. Rape
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