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Del Henry
Alec Musser as Del Henry
All My Children
Portrayed by Winsor Harmon (1994-95)
Alec Musser (2005-07)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1994-95, 2005-07
First appearance 1994
Last appearance September 2007
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Kirby Family
Gender Male
Occupation Bartender at ConFusion
Residence Formerly Wildwind
Parents Paul Hunkle
Lila Kirby
Siblings Di Henry
Will Cortlandt † (half)
Dixie Cooney Martin (half)
Melanie Cortlandt (half)
Romances Maria Santos
Kendall Hart Slater (engaged)
Opal Cortlandt (long-standing flirtation)
Children Unnamed child ('Figueroa') † (self-induced abortion; via Maria)
Aunts and uncles Louise Kirby
Nieces and nephews JR Chandler (half)
Kathy Martin (half)
AJ Chandler (half-great)

Del Henry is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by Winsor Harmon from 1994-95, and Alec Musser from 2005-07.


Del Henry arrived in Pine Valley in 1994 to seek out his half-sister Dixie Martin. Del was the product of an affair between Dixie's father Seabone Hunkle and his "other wife" (Del's mother). Del made his presence known to Dixie, who was shocked that her father had a long term affair and that she had a brother. Eventually, Del and Dixie became close and Del revealed that he had a degenerative kidney disorder and needed a transplant. Dixie agreed to give Del one of her kidneys, despite her husband Tad Martin's insistence that she not. Dixie donated the kidney, which compromised her health for years to come. Del thrived with Dixie's new kidney and his health returned.

While in Pine Valley Del encountered Maria Santos Grey, his college love. Years earlier, the two had an affair and Maria got pregnant. She had induced her own abortion, which eventually led to her problems conceiving children. Despite the history between them, Maria was happily married to Edmund Grey and did not renew her romance with Del.

Del, an author, met Kendall Hart while she was serving a jail term for perjury. Kendall wanted to write a tell-all book on her estranged mother, Erica Kane. Seeing a quick profit, Del agreed to help her write it. The book never came to fruition, but Del and Kendall fell in love. The two left for Kendall's home state of Florida, engaged.

Eventually the two broke up and Del's health began to fail him again. Del learned that he had a sister, Di Kirby, whom was given away at birth. Del tracked down Di and asked for one of her kidneys. Di agreed and the transplant was a success. During the preparation and recovery period, Del told Di all about her half-sister Dixie.

Years later, Del was shocked to see that Di had come to Pine Valley claiming to be Dixie. Angry at the disrespect to his late sister's identity, Del confronted Di and threatened to expose her. Di told him that she deserved Dixie's life and was helping the family that she had fallen in love with. She begged Del to keep her secret. Del agreed, but stood by Di when the whole town learned the truth. He was surprised but happy to later learn Dixie really was alive and well.

Dixie asked Di and Del to keep the news that she was alive a secret and they agreed. Dixie revealed herself to Del on the day of JR's wedding to Babe and she asked her siblings to help her hide so she could witness the ceremony without being seen. Del asked her to remain in Pine Valley and reveal herself to her family but she mysteriously commented that she was on a mission and could not risk having everyone learn she was alive. Del thought it was too great of a risk for Dixie to hide during the ceremony and he was correct. David Hayward found Dixie and soon after all of Pine Valley learned she was alive.

Del learned Dixie's mission was to find the location of her daughter she had named Kate. A doctor named Greg Madden had convinced Dixie she was dying and he convinced her to sign over her child for adoption. Greg Madden was in Pine Valley practicing medicine but he refused to tell Dixie where her daughter was. Del blew up Greg's yacht to prevent him from leaving town without revealing where Dixie's daughter was.

Greg Madden never left town. He was kidnapped and buried alive inside a wooden coffin. Eventually he died in the coffin and Dixie was accused of his murder. Dixie's ex-husband Tad Martin believed Dixie was guilty and planned to testify against her. Dixie's co-conspirator Zach Slater was on trial with her and Dixie admitted she had feelings for Zach. Tad was hurt by Dixie's interest in Zach and Del worried Tad would take out his anger on the stand. Del kidnapped Tad to prevent him from testifying.

Del was relieved when both Zach and Dixie were acquitted but he believed Zach had played on Dixie's feelings for him although he was a married man. He offered to write a book about how Zach got away with Greg's murder but Zach declined the offer.

Del continued to live at Wildwind and he made his interest in Amanda Dillon very well known but she rejected his advances. He also took a job bar-tending at ConFusion. His play for Amanda was sidelined by grief after Dixie died. She ate poisoned banana pancakes that were meant for her daughter-in-law Babe. Del also worried about the safety of all of the women in his life when the Satin Slayer was killing women in Pine Valley. He was relieved when Alex Cambias, also known as the Satin Slayer, was captured and placed behind bars. Del continued to bar-tend and flirt with Amanda.