Dimitri Marick
Dimitri Marick - Michael Nader 2013
Michael Nader as Dimitri Marick (in 2013)
Online Reboot of AMC
All My Children
Portrayed by Michael Nader (1990-2000, 2013-present)
Anthony Addabbo (4/6/00-7/9/00)
Current status Current
Duration 1990-2000, 2013-present
First appearance September 1990 (on ABC's AMC)
June 12, 2013 (PP's AMC)
Last appearance July 9, 2000 (on ABC's AMC)
Created by Agnes Nixon and Lorraine Broderick
Alias(es) Count Andrassy royal title
Gender Male
Born February 18, 1954
Age 59 (at the time of his 2013 return)
Occupation Businessman and Investor
Hungarian Royalty
Title Count (Hungarian royalty)
Residence Vadzel (in Budapest, Hungary)
Formerly at the hunting lodge at Wildwind (3900 Glenview Road)
Dimitri Marick - Anthony Addabbo
Anthony Addabbo as Dimitri Marick
Parents Hugo Marick (father, deceased)
Anna Sporades (mother, deceased)
Siblings Edmund Grey
Spouses Angelique Voynitzeva (1976–92)
Erica Kane (1993–96)
Gloria Marsh (1997–98)
Alex Devane (2000–)
Children Anton Lang
Aunts and uncles Alexei Von Voynavitch
Nieces and nephews Sam Grey (adoptive, via Edmund)
Madelyn Grey
First cousins Gillian Andrassy
Maxime Von Voynavitch

  Dimitri Marick is a character on the Online Reboot of AMC that originated on ABC's All My Children. He was a character on All My Children from 1990-2000 and was originally scheduled to return on June 3, 2013 (according to Daytime Confidential). However he made his return on the June 12th episode of 2013.


He will be offered a position as the head of Chandler Media, an arm of Chandler Entreprises by Brooke English.


  • Michael Nader as Dimitri Marick 2013
  • Michael Nader as Dimitri Marick c1991-2001
  • Michael Addabbo as Dimitri Marick in 2001


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