Dr. Anders
Dr. Anders - Jason Pendergraft
Jason Pendergraft as Dr. Anders
All My Children
Portrayed by Jason Pendergraft (2013-present)
Current status Current, new character
Duration 2013-present
First appearance June 17, 2013
Gender Male
Occupation Physician at the Pine Valley Hospital
Title Doctor

Dr. Anders is a new fictional character on the Online Reboot of AMC that will debut on June 17, 2013. He was initially scheduled to debut on May 27th.  He is portrayed by Jason Pendergraft.


He is the physician treating Cassandra Foster and his medical skills is praised by Dr. Joe Martin and Dr. David Hayward.  Angela Hubbard is emotionally stricken after getting her daughter back from the sex trafficking ring that she demands that she stays with Cassandra every step of the way.  Thankfully Joe and David finally stop her and allow the medical personnel to treat Cassandra without an emotional-stricken mother getting in the way.