Gabrielle Montgomery
Gabrielle Montgomery - Ellah Miller
Ellah Miller as Gabrielle Montgomery
All My Children
Portrayed by Alivia, Anthony, Olivia and Brynne (October 2008-February 2009; Spring 2009)
Aerowyne Jones (July-October 2010)
Ellah Miller (November 2010-September 2011)
Current status Former/final
Duration 2008-2011
First appearance 2008
Last appearance September 2011
Cause/reason Network finale
Nickname(s) Gabby (by Miranda and Bianca)
Alias(es) Gabrielle Ameila Williams-Montgomery (full name)
Gender Female
Born October 2008 (c2001)
Age (3) 1-3-11
Residence with Bianca and Miranda (though off-screen)
Parents Bianca Montgomery (biological mother)
Zach Slater (biological father)
Reese Williams (Second mother)
Siblings Miranda Montgomery (maternal half-sister)
Grandparents Erica Kane (maternal grandmother)
Travis Montgomery (maternal grandfather)
Alexander Cambias Sr. (paternal grandfather) Amelia Cambias (paternal grandmother; deceased)
Aunts and uncles Kendall Slater (maternal half-aunt)
Josh Madden (maternal half-uncle; deceased)
Molly Montgomery (maternal half-aunt)
Sean Montgomery (maternal half-uncle)
Michael Cambias (paternal uncle; deceased)
Zach Slater (maternal uncle via marriage)
Jackson Montgomery (maternal great uncle)
First cousins Miranda Montgomery (paternal cousin via Zach's rapist brother Michael/maternal half-sister via Bianca)
Spike Lavery (maternal half-cousin)
Ian Slater (maternal half-cousin)

Gabrielle Montgomery was a character on All My Children. She is the daughter of Bianca Montgomery and Zach Slater  Zach is also her uncle (via his marriage to her aunt Kendall and half-sister's blood uncle). She also had an adoptive mother, Reese Williams, who was her biological mother's former partner. Reese would move to Paris, France.


She was born on-screen in October 2008, where she was delivered during the calm of a tornado among the rubble of what was a house by none other than her father. She is the half-sister of Miranda Montgomery. She is living with her biological mother, Bianca Montgomery, and her half-sister, Miranda Montgomery, at Wildwind. Ellah Miller was the last one to protray Gabrielle from November 2010 - September 2011. She was mentioned on the second episode of AMC 2.0 in a conversation between Bianca and Miranda, where they are talking about going to a One Direction concert.

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