Goldie Kane

Goldie Kane
Louise Shaffer as Goldie Kane
All My Children
Portrayed by Louise Shaffer
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1987
First appearance August 1987
Last appearance December 1987
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Kane Family
Alias(es) Constance Keaton
Gender Female
Occupation Movie starlet
Former lounge singer
Residence Unknown, possibly prison
Spouses Widowed or Divorced (Eric Kane; he was presumed dead during her appearance on the show)
Romances Damon Lazarre (deceased)
Children Silver Kane (deceased)
Erica Kane (step)
Mark Dalton (step)

Goldie Kane is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Louise Shaffer.


Goldie Kane surfaced in Pine Valley in the summer of 1987 using the alias Constance Keaton. She came to Pine Valley with psychiatrist Dr. Damon Lazarre to bring her troubled daughter Noelle (actually Silver Kane) back to her home in Canada. Damon and Goldie were in cahoots to drug and hypnotize Silver into shooting her half-sister Erica Kane because Goldie wanted to get her hands on the estate of her presumed dead husband Eric Kane, which would go to Erica if anything happened to Silver. A pregnant Erica was stunned to get an invitation from Goldie to visit her and her half-sister in Canada, but showed up anyway. On Goldie's yacht, Silver was given a gun to shoot Erica. When Silver couldn't pull the trigger, Goldie grabbed the gun and shot Erica in the stomach! Silver and Goldie argued over Erica's body and struggled. Goldie fell overboard to her apparent death and Erica was rushed to the hospital where thankfully she recovered, and the baby (Bianca) was born unharmed. Back in Pine Valley, it was revealed that Silver was married to Damon Lazarre, who was determined to keep her apart from her true love, Jeremy Hunter. A troubled Silver began having hallucinations of her mother, who was very much alive and lurking around Pine Valley. For some reason, Goldie had second thoughts about her crimes and gave the police evidence that Damon was planning to kill Silver to get his hands on Eric's estate. Goldie and the police arrived at a cliff where Damon was about to push Silver off of. Seeing the supposedly deceased Goldie, Damon lost his balance, and fell to his death. Goldie was arrested and possibly still lingers in prison today, although Silver was killed soon afterwards in her own gun struggle with Natalie Hunter.

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