Heather Kent
Stevie steel as heather
Stevie Steel as Heather
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Stevie Steel
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2013
First appearance April 30, 2013
Last appearance September 2, 2013
Cause/reason Series Finale
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Student at Bramwell High; private school
Residence Bramwell High
Romances AJ Chandler (dating)

Heather Kent is a fictional character on the Online Reboot of AMC.  She goes to the same private school that Celia Fitzgerald tutors at.


Bramwell Hall student Heather Rooper befriended Miranda Montgomery after she witnessed an incident in which Miranda was being bullied. Miranda introduced Heather to her best friend A.J. Chandler and Heather expressed an immediate attraction to A.J. With Miranda's permission, Heather made her interest in A.J. known and they began dating. As Heather and A.J. grew closer as a couple, Miranda gave them space to be alone and Heather was A.J.'s date to the Chandler Media charity gala.

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