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Josh Madden
Josh Madden - Scott Kinworthy.jpeg
Colin Egglesfield as Josh Madden
All My Children
Portrayed by Scott Kinworthy (2005)
Colin Egglesfield (2005–09)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2005–09
First appearance June 17, 2005
Last appearance January 19, 2009
Cause/reason Died
Created by Megan McTavish
Introduced by Julie Hanan Carruthers
Family Martin Family
Kane Family
Madden Family
Nickname(s) Josh
Gender Male
Born December 18, 1980
Occupation Former CEO of Chandler Enterprises/Former Cambias Industries Executive
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania (at time of death)
Parents Jeff Martin
Erica Kane
Greg Madden
Emily Madden †
Siblings Kendall Hart Slater (half)
Bianca Montgomery (half)
Romances Danielle Frye (ONS/statutory rape)
Babe Carey Chandler † (ONS)
Hannah Nichols
Greenlee Smythe
Grandparents Joe Martin
Helen Martin †
Eric Kane †
Mona Kane
Great-grandparents Henry Martin †
Kate Martin †
Aunts and uncles Tara Martin
Bobby Martin
Jake Martin (half)
Tad Martin (half; via adoption)
Mark Dalton † (half)
Silver Kane † (half)
Paul Martin (great)
Nieces and nephews Spike Lavery (half)
Ian Slater half)
Miranda Montgomery (maternal half)
Gabrielle Montgomery (half)
First cousins Charlie Brent
Kelsey Jefferson
Jamie Martin (via adoption)
Kathy Martin (via adoption)
Jenny Martin (via adoption)
Julie Rand Chandler
Elizabeth Martin † (once removed)
Unnamed Child (once removed)
Sam Grey (once removed)
Damon Miller (adoptive)
Trevor Martin

Joshua "Josh" Madden is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by Scott Kinworthy until September 15, 2005. Following Kinworthy's departure, he was portrayed by actor Colin Egglesfield from September 2005 until January 2009.

The character was initially the subject of a controversial and landmark abortion storyline back in the early 1970s, having been the fetus in which the abortion was centered. When the abortion storyline was rewritten to not have been an abortion after all, controversy ensued again, as viewers felt that it was an undoing of a groundbreaking event in television history.


Josh caught Kendall, Greenlee and Simone breaking into his father's clinic, but agreed to keep their secret -- in exchange for Kendall getting him a job on Erica's new show. He couldn't understand why his father didn't want him anywhere near Erica, assuming it was because of a past the two of them shared. He hooked up with Danielle Frye at a party, believing she was an experienced woman of the world rather than a virginal and under-aged teen. He apologized to her after learning the truth, and the two agreed to remain friends. He also became friends with Babe Carey, which annoyed Erica to no end considering what Babe had done to Bianca -- to the point where Erica forbade Josh from having anything to do with Babe. He even agreed to pretend to sleep with Babe so that Jamie Martin would dump her.

Josh wasn't satisfied with simply being a producer of Erica's show and wanted to take over the whole thing. He began sabotaging Erica, even drugging her, and set new hire Amanda Dillon up as the patsy. Although initially Erica had believed it was Amanda, she eventually caught on and fired Josh. Around the same time, Erica started acting markedly different around Josh, which he couldn't quite understand. He saved her life after the Mardi Gras ball, which led to Josh, who had gone to medical school at his father's request, getting a job at the hospital. Although most of Pine Valley had no use for Josh, he was determined to make a name for himself as a doctor and was thrilled when Jeff Martin came to town and hand-picked him for a special assignment.

Josh was unable to come to terms with what he saw as his mother and father not wanting him. He began to lash out and . He embezzled millions of dollars for Zach Slater's casino, and it made him a wanted man. Had it not been for Kendall intervening, Zach very well may have had Josh disposed of -- permanently. Josh fled town for several months. He eventually made the mistake of deciding to return -- to steal even more money from Zach. A masked Josh held casino patrons at gunpoint before making a run for it. Erica recognized a ring that the gunman was wearing and knew that the intruder was Josh. She tried to plead with him and offered to give him the money that he wanted, but the pleas didn't work. During a hostage situation where Josh held Reese Marshall at gunpoint, Zach fired off a single round and shot Josh in the head. He then urged the medics to do everything they could to keep Josh's heart viable for transplant.