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Kathy Martin
Kathy Martin - Dannika Northcott.jpg
Dannika Liddell as Kathy Martin
All My Children
Portrayed by Alexa Gerasimovich (2006–10)
Dannika Liddell (2010–11)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2006-11
First appearance December 26, 2006
Last appearance September 21, 2011
Cause/reason Series Finale
Created by Richard Culliton
Introduced by Jean Dadario Burke
Family Martin Family (adoptive)
Cooney Family
Cortlandt Family
Nickname(s) Kathy
Alias(es) Kathy Mershon (adoptive)
Kate Martin
Gender Female
Born June 2, 2002
Residence 3420 Canyon Drive Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents Tad Martin
Dixie Cooney Martin
Jim Mershon (adoptive)
Linda Mershon (adoptive)
Julia Santos † (foster)
Siblings JR Chandler (half)
Damon Miller (half)
Jamie Martin (half)
Jenny Martin (half)
Grandparents Ray Gardner
Opal Cortlandt
Seabone Hunkle
Bess Cooney
Joe Martin (adoptive)
Ruth Martin † (adoptive)
Hector Santos † (foster)
Isabella Santos (foster)
Great-grandparents Henry Martin † (adoptive)
Kate Martin † (adoptive)
Aunts and uncles Adrian Sword (half)
Pete Cortlandt (half)
Will Cortlandt
Del Henry (half)
Jeff Martin (half; adoptive)
Phil Brent (half; adoptive)
Bobby Martin (half; adoptive)
Jake Martin (adoptive)
Mateo Santos (foster)
Robert Gardner (great)
Palmer Cortlandt † (great)
Paul Martin (great; adoptive)
Jenny Gardner Nelson
Melanie Cortlandt
Di Henry † (half)
Tara Martin (half; adoptive)
Maria Santos (foster)
Anita Santos (foster)
Rosa Santos (foster)
Amy Tyler (great; adoptive)
Nieces and nephews AJ Chandler (half)
First cousins Josh Madden † (half; adoptive)
Charlie Brent (half; adoptive)
Kelsey Jefferson (half; adoptive)
Trevor Martin (adoptive)
Maddie Grey (foster)
Max Santos (foster)
Enzo Santos (foster)
Ross Chandler (once removed)
Nina Cortlandt Warner (once removed)
Andrew Cortlandt (once removed; adoptive)
Pete Cortlandt (once removed)
Caleb Cortlandt (once removed)
Beth Martin (once removed; adoptive)
Phil Brent (once removed; adoptive)
Other relatives Sam Grey (adoptive)
Julie Rand Chandler (adoptive)
Bobby Warner (adoptive)
Mickey Warner
Asher Pike

Kathleen "Kathy" Mershon Martin is the daughter of Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney. She was named after her adoptive great-grandmother, Kate Martin. Kathy has an older maternal half-brother JR Chandler, two older paternal half-brothers Damon Miller and Jamie Martin, and a younger paternal half-sister Jenny Martin. She was born on June 2, 2002. Kathy was given up for adoption by Dixie when she thought she was dying. Dixie lived and then spent the next four years looking for her, letting everyone think that she died. Kathy was adopted by Jim and Linda Mershon, and had a happy life. Jim and Linda later died in a car crash Christmas 2006, and Kathy was taken in by Julia Santos. Kathy lived with Julia for over a year, and went to live with her father Tad following Julia's death in May 2008. Kathy ran away from her father after hearing him and Krystal fighting about Krystal's affair. Kathy returned to her father and recently, Krystal returned to her family and is currently living with her daughter and ex-husband. In August 2011, it is revealed that her mother Dixie is still alive, and they meet for the first time.