Lea Marquez
Paula garces as lea marquez
Paula Garces as Lea Marquez
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Paula Garces (5/2013-present)
Current status Contract
Duration 2013-present
First appearance May 14, 2013
Created by Marlene McPherson (co-headwriter)
Elizabeth Snyder (co-headwriter)
Introduced by Ginger Smith
Alias(es) Cinnamon (undercover stripper name)
FBI Special Agent Lea Marquez (full occupational name)
Gender Female
Occupation FBI Agent
Title FBI Special Agent

FBI Special Agent Lea Marquez is a fictional character on the Prospect Park's online reboot of All My Children.  Lea Marquez is portrayed by Paula Garces starting May 14, 2013.


Garces will portray the contract role of Lea Marquez, “a smart, savvy, beautiful woman who’s devoted her life to a career of fighting crime and bringing down the bad guys.  Lea’s career takes up most of her days and nights, which leaves little time for a personal life. That is until a man changes her safe, controlled existence and threatens to open up the part of her she’d long since put to rest: her heart.”



She is seen as Cinnamon in the strip club that Zach Slater is scouting out for information on the sex trafficing ring that Jesse Hubbard and him are investigating because Jesse's step-daughter Cassandra Foster is a victim of the ring.  Zach pays the bartender for a private dance and he tries to get information about Cinnamon's co-workers especially any 'Chocolates'.  The bartender comes in and dismisses Zach. After her conversation with Zach, she tells the bartender to run fingerprints on her customer.  She then appears in Jane's Addictions where she interrupts the conversation of Zach Slater and Cheif of Police Jesse Hubbard.  She tries to arrest Zach for money laundering, but Jesse demands Lea to give him professional courtesy in hearing him out and explain what is going on.  Jesse learns that she is investigating the Koslovs and Zach's casinos for money laundering, but doesn't know about the sex trafficking aspect of the case. Jesse learns that Agent Marquez is out of the Philadelphia (which Pine Valley is a suburb of) and says that she needs to contact the DC field office to learn the true scope of the case.  Zach and Lea talk more in an office with Zach noting that Lea doesn't want to arrest him because she doesn't want anything that happens to Cassandra to be on her hands and that she has a nice ass.