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Lea Marquez
Paula garces as lea marquez.jpg
Paula Garces as Lea Marquez
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Paula Garces
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2013
First appearance May 14, 2013
Last appearance September 2, 2013
Cause/reason Series Finale
Created by Marlene McPherson
Elizabeth Snyder
Introduced by Ginger Smith
Alias(es) Sinnamon (undercover stripper name)
FBI Special Agent Lea Marquez (full occupational name)
Gender Female
Occupation FBI Agent
Title FBI Special Agent

Lea Marquez is a fictional character on the Online Reboot of AMC of All My Children.  Lea Marquez was portrayed by Paula Garces from May 14, to September 2, 2013.


Garces will portray the contract role of Lea Marquez, “a smart, savvy, beautiful woman who’s devoted her life to a career of fighting crime and bringing down the bad guys.  Lea’s career takes up most of her days and nights, which leaves little time for a personal life. That is until a man changes her safe, controlled existence and threatens to open up the part of her she’d long since put to rest: her heart.”


A special agent working out of FBI's Philadelphia office, Lea Marquez was working undercover in an underground strip club when she encountered Zach Slater. Lea had been tracking a money laundering operation, and at least one of the accounts in question had been tied to Zach's casino. Zach, however, had infiltrated the underground club in his efforts to help Jesse and Angie Hubbard find their missing daughter, Cassandra, who had been kidnapped by the Russian mob.

Although Zach was a suspect, Lea believed that he was on the correct side of the law and kept him in police custody with her as she searched for Cassandra. At first, Zach flirted with Lea and teased her about their first encounter while she was undercover at the strip club. As time passed, they became closer and when Zach was accused of the murder of the Russian Uri Koslov, Lea was certain that he had been framed. They continued to work together and found proof of Zach's innocence. Lea and Zach celebrated by giving in to their attraction to one another but pulled back before things went too far.

While Lea wondered if Zach was truly over his ex-wife, Zach was angered that Lea had hid her suspicions that Jesse had framed him for Uri's murder. Zach defended his friend and explained that Jesse had no choice but to frame Zach in order to save his daughter. They both agreed that it was for the best that they did not pursue a relationship since they did not have trust between them. Later, Lea arranged for the charges against Jesse to be dropped and apologized to Zach. He accepted her apology and they agreed that there was something between them and shared another kiss.