Michael Cambias
All My Children
Portrayed by William deVry (2003, 2004, 2006)
Current status Deceased
Duration 2003
First appearance January 23, 2003
Last appearance August 28, 2003 (appeared in 2004 & 2006 in visions)
Cause/reason Killed
Born May 25, 1969
Age c34 (at death)
Cause of death Shot in the abdomen by Bianca Montgomery in self defense, preventing him from raping her a second time
Occupation Corporate Raider
Parents Alexander Cambias Sr.
Siblings Zach Slater
Children Miranda Montgomery
Nieces and nephews Gabrielle Montgomery (via Zach)
Ethan Cambias (deceased)
Ian Slater

Michael Cambias was a character on All My Children. He was played by William DeVry from January 23, 2003 to August 2003 and returned in 2004 and 2005. He is the brother of Zach Slater and known for for raping Bianca Montgomery, which led to the conception of Bianca's oldest daughter Miranda Montgomery.


Character Michael Cambias is primarily remembered for raping Erica Kane's lesbian daughter, Bianca Montgomery. His background shows him to be the spoiled, wealthy and extremely arrogant son of Alexander Cambias, Sr. (later known as the Satin Slayer). In January 2003, Michael comes to Pine Valley with business partner Lena Kundera in a failed attempt to take over several prominent Pine Valley businesses, including Chandler Enterprises, Cortlandt Enterprises, Enchantment and Fusion Cosmetics. In May 2003, Michael attempts to rape Erica’s daughter, Kendall, but her mother, Erica, saves her from him. Michael then attempts to rape Erica but Kendall intervenes and saves her mother.

On a rainy and thunderous night in July 2003, while the power was out in all of Pine Valley, Michael breaks into the boarding house Bianca resides at and rapes Bianca to get back at her sister, Kendall, and mother, Erica, for ruining his plans. Michael is later charged with raping Bianca, but, to the community's utter disgust, he is acquitted due to a lack of physical evidence (an angry Lena even goes so far as to almost attack him after the acquittal). His after-trial gloating, wherein he states that he "owns Pine Valley, and everybody in it", angers nearly everyone in hearing range and Jackson Montgomery, Bianca's uncle, warns Cambias's attorney to get him out of the courtroom, before the crowd becomes a lynch mob. Eventually he is found dead in a freezer outside of Pine Valley in August 2003.

His funeral is attended by most everyone who cares for Bianca, and their "eulogies" are laced with anger and hatred toward him. Lena even goes so far as to spit on his grave. His final resting place, fittingly enough, is in the city dump; Tad Martin had earlier stolen Michael's body from the funeral home and filled the empty casket with rocks before throwing the body in the garbage. A number of suspects emerge for Michael's murder but Kendall becomes the primary suspect. Bianca supports her sister and Erica works to protect both her daughters, Kendall and Bianca, throughout the trial.

In January 2004, Kendall is put on trial and while Erica, Bianca, David, Jackson, Boyd, and Ryan try to protect Kendall from being convicted and support Bianca, Bianca is later revealed to be the murderer but blocked out the experience. Kendall knew this but covered for her sister, Bianca, in order to protect her. Back in August 2003, Bianca had earlier confronted Michael and shot him to death in self-defense when he attempted to rape her again, but she repressed her memories of the event. When she recalls killing Michael and confesses, the judge, who believed Bianca's story all along, leans hard on the prosecution not to file any charges against her.

Eventually, it was discovered that when Bianca was raped, he impregnated her. She eventually gave birth to a daughter and named her Miranda Montgomery.

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