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Michael Cambias
William deVry.jpg
William deVry as Michael Cambias
All My Children
Portrayed by William deVry (2003-04, 2006)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2003-04, 2006
First appearance January 23, 2003
Last appearance January 27, 2006
Cause/reason Died
Born May 25, 1969
Died July 2003
Age 34 (at death)
Cause of death Shot by Bianca Montgomery in self defense, preventing him from raping her a second time
Occupation Former majority stock holder of Enchantment cosmetics
Former majority stock holder of Fusion cosmetics
Former CEO of Chandler Enterprises
Former employee of Cambias Industries
Residence 105 Garden Drive; a condo in a development near a park (at time of death)
Parents Alexander Cambias Sr
Amelia Cambias †
Siblings Zach Slater (formerly Alexander Cambias Jr.)
Romances Lena Kundera (lovers)
Kendall Hart Slater (lovers)
Mia Saunders (kissed)
Children Miranda Montgomery (via Bianca Montgomery via rape) [Born March 19, 2004]
Nieces and nephews Gabrielle Montgomery (via Zach)
Ethan Cambias
Ian Slater

Michael Cambias is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by William DeVry from January 23, 2003 to August 2003 and returned in 2004 and 2005. He is the brother of Zach Slater and known for for raping Bianca Montgomery, which led to the conception of Bianca's oldest daughter Miranda Montgomery.


In early 2003, a charismatic man named Michael Kinsey ran into Kendall Hart during her trip to Aspen. He was sympathetic to her needs, and the vulnerable Kendall fell for him immediately. She soon learned that he was actually Michael Cambias, an infamous corporate shark, but he gave her a good excuse for using an alias. He assured he had no plans to take over her company, FUSION, and tried to get her to help him in his battle against Enchantment. In truth, Michael planned to take over both FUSION and Enchantment, and knew Kendall's hatred for her mother Erica Kane could be a major asset to him. He also had a spy inside Erica's company named Lena Kundera. Lena was his lover and worked to charm chemist Boyd Larraby and Erica's lesbian daughter Bianca. Unbeknownst to Michael, Kendall had discovered his affair with Lena. Stung by his deep betrayal, she told Erica of his plans and became a double agent. When Michael caught Kendall snooping around his computer, he almost raped her until Erica intervened.

Meanwhile, Lena had fallen hard for Bianca and only threats of violence against her mother and deportation could keep Lena in line. She stole a formula from Erica's office safe. Erica agreed to step down as long as Kendall was not named as her replacement. Michael thought he had all the cards in place and promised his father that he had acquired Enchantment for him. His father, Alexander, was skeptical, having only given responsibility to Michael after Michael's older brother Alexander Jr. had died in the mid-80's. At a big press conference Michael threw to announce his acquisition of Enchantment, Erica announced the whole thing had been a grand ruse, the formula was a fake, and she had the upper hand over Cambias Industries. Alexander was forced to give Erica a seat on the board of directors. Humiliated, he essentially disowned Michael.

Michael was arrested for his corporate espionage, but was bailed out by Adam. Michael went to Erica's office and nearly raped her before Kendall smashed a glass pitcher over his head. He got out of charges since Kendall was the only eyewitness. He then used the CFO of Chandler Enterprises, Bob Barrett, to help him frame Lena for insider trading. Lena was arrested and Michael bullied Bob into hiding. Mia Saunders, Aidan Devane and Kendall teamed up to prove Lena's innocence. Mia got information from Michael's papers while cozying up to him. Aidan and Kendall tracked Bob down and convinced him to rat Michael out. Lena was exonerated, Michael was arrested yet again, but his victims knew he was nowhere near done with them.

Michael also made trouble for Fusion, as the company's success was overlapping Enchantment. Using resources from the IRS, Fusion received a notice claiming they owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes! One of the Fusion employees, Simone, decided to fix the situation without consulting the other Fusion ladies. By doing so, she thought she was wiring Liza Colby Chandler's money into their account to fix the problem. But, what she did was giver Michael ownership of Fusion instead! Thanks to some small writing on the tax paper, he paid for their taxed and received ownership of Fusion.

Michael's lawyers managed to get him out of jail and his next victim was Erica's other daughter, Bianca, a fresh college student who was romantically involved with Lena. On a dark, rainy night when the power went out in every Pine Valley household, Michael broke into the boarding house Bianca resided at and raped her. Traumatized from the rape, Bianca did not tell anyone about it for weeks. By the time she confessed to district attorney and her uncle, Jackson Montgomery, the physical evidence from the rape was gone, leaving only her word against Michael's.

Bianca decided to take the stand at her preliminary hearing. Although she made a compelling and heartfelt testimony, it was not enough. The judge let Michael go on lack of physical evidence. The town of Pine Valley was shocked and it seemed that everyone had their own agenda that evening when Michael walked away a free man.

A few weeks after the trial, Kendall Hart claimed that she was the sole heir of the Cambias' fortune and the new Mrs. Michael Cambias. No one believed her, not even with her fancy, expensive ring or marriage license. Shortly after her announcement, Michael's father, Alexander died, leaving the Cambias fortune in question and possibly out of Kendall's hands. To complicate matters even further, Michael showed up dead in a meat freezer that Kendall bought.

Several residents of Pine Valley were considered suspects in Michael's murder but Kendall was the primary suspect. Although she claimed to Michael's wife, Boyd Larraby had actually posed as Michael in order for Kendall to fake the marriage. Meanwhile, other citizens like Aiden Devane, Tad Martin, and Boyd were unaware of who had killed Michael but tried to give him a fitting end to his life. They placed his body in a meat locker, and then later removed his body from his coffin and buried his body in the city dump.

After Michael's death, Bianca learned that she had become pregnant as a result of the rape. Visions of Michael tormented her as she tried to process the news of the pregnancy. Eventually Bianca realized that she had killed Michael in self-defense on the night he had tried to rape her again but she had repressed the memories. She confessed what she had done and the court decided not to press charges against her. Bianca later gave birth to a daughter, Miranda Mona Montgomery, choosing not to give her the Cambias name.