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Mona Kane
Mona Kane Tyler (Main).jpg
Frances Heflin as Mona Kane
All My Children
Portrayed by Frances Heflin (1/5/1970-6/1994)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1970-1994
First appearance January 5, 1970
Last appearance June 1994
Cause/reason Died
Alias(es) Mona Tyler (second married name)
Gender Female
Cause of death Peacefully died in sleep
Title President of Heritage Society
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania (at time of death)
Spouses Eric Kane † (divorced)
Charles Tyler †
Children Erica Kane (with Eric)
Grandchildren Bianca Montgomery
Kendall Hart Slater
Josh Madden
Great-grandchildren Miranda Montgomery (via Bianca)
Gabrielle Montgomery (via Bianca)
Ian Slater

Mona Kane Tyler (formerly Kane) is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by the late Frances Heflin from the first episode on January 5, 1970 until her death in June 1994.


Mona Kane debuts on the show All My Children, as the working mother of Erica Kane and secretary to Dr. Charles Tyler. She divorces her philandering husband, movie director Eric Kane, after he deserts her and nine-year-old Erica. One of the first successful single parents portrayed on daytime television, Mona dedicates her life to raising Erica. But this love and dedication is never enough; initially, Erica blames Mona for her father's desertion.

The other true love in Mona's life is Dr. Charles Tyler, who, in 1970, is married to Phoebe. As Phoebe's relentless badgering of Charles accelerates, he turns to Mona for love and affection. Mona blackmails Phoebe into granting Charles a divorce (one of the grandest gestures she ever makes). After his divorce from Phoebe, he and Mona are married and remain hopelessly in love until his death.

Mona always defends Erica, despite her daughter's consistently questionable choices.

To Erica, however, this love is interference. When Mona is diagnosed with lung cancer, Erica finally realizes how much her mother means to her, and how lonely and empty her life will be without her. Mona recovers.

Mona also dotes upon her granddaughters, Kendall and Bianca and is best friends with Myrtle Fargate.

Mona dies peacefully in her sleep in 1994. Erica, who had been unable to express her emotions, breaks down at the funeral and hurls herself onto her mother's coffin, crying hysterically. When Kendall arrives to pay her respects, Erica refuses to let her, and their argument quickly escalates to physical violence that climaxes when they bump into Mona's coffin and break a framed picture of Mona.