Natalie Dillon
Kate Collins as Natalie Marlowe
Portrayed by Kate Collins (1985-1992)

Melody Anderson (1992-1993)

Current status Deceased
Duration 1985-1992, 1996-1997, 1998, 2000
First appearance Spring 1985
Last appearance 2000
Cause/reason Death
Created by Wisner Washam
Alias(es) Natalie Hunter (first/second married name)
Natalie Cortlandt (third married name)
Natalie Chandler (third married name)
Gender Female
Died 1993
Cause of death Left brain dead after a car accident
Occupation Former Nurse
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents Wilma Marlowe (mother, deceased)
Mr. Marlowe (father, deceased)
Siblings Janet Marlowe
Spouses Alexander "Alex" Hunter (1985; deceased; dissolved by his death)
Jeremy Hunter (1986; deceased; invalid)
Palmer Cortlandt (1987-1988; deceased; divorced)
Adam Chandler Sr. (1990-1991; invalid)
Trevor Dillon (1992-1993; deceased; dissolved by her death)
Romances Ross Chandler (affair; lovers)
Dimitri Marick (lovers)
Children Tim Dillon (with Alex Hunter; adopted by Trevor Dillon)
Amanda Dillon (adoptive with Trevor Dillon)
Nieces and nephews Amanda Dillon (via Janet)

Natalie Dillon (née Marlowe, previously HunterCortlandt, and Chandler) is a fictional character on the American daytime soap opera All My Children. The role was originated by Kate Collins from 1985-19912, then portrayed by Melody Anderson who replaced Kate Collins when she left the role from 1992-1993 until the character's death that year. Kate Collins made return appearances as Natalie's ghost in 1996, 1997, 1998, and 2000.


Natalie is the eldest daughter of Wilma Marlowe. Growing up, Natalie was always the favorite daughter of Wilma, with her twin sister Janet (also played by Kate Collins; Robin Mattson took over the role of Janet from 1994-2000), living in her shadow. Janet's jealousy of her sister and mistreatment by her mother became a source of many deep psychological issues, which ultimately led to Janet throwing Natalie down a well in an attempt to take over her life.

Character HistoryEdit

Natalie Marlowe came to Pine Valley in 1985 as a gold digger. She was in love with Jeremy Hunter, but she saw an opportunity for money in marrying his father, Alexander "Alex" Hunter. When Alex found out about the ongoing affar, he disowned his son and planned to divorce Natalie, but before he could change his will, he was killed in a horseriding accident, leaving Natalie a very wealthy widow. After Alex died, she wished to rekindle her romance with Jeremy, but he was involved with Erica Kane at the time. Natalie had a rivarly with Erica because they shared a common interest in many of the same men. Because she was so unwilling to let him go, Natalie drugged Jeremy and slept with him. Soon after that, she learned she was pregnant and told Jeremy that he was the father. He married her in May 1985.

Unfortunately, Jeremy was then sent to prison for stock trading, but Erica was the one who broke him out. Erica, Natalie, and Jeremy all ended up on the same plane to New York, and when the plane crashed, Jeremy ended up saving the lives of both Erica and Natalie. They ended up stranded on an island where Natalie would give birth to a son, Timothy. Soon after, the truth came out that "Timmy" was not Jeremy's son, but Alex's, making her son his half-brother. Jeremy kicked Natalie out of his mansion and filed for divorce. Natalie, again, was not willing to let him go and blackmailed him into not divorcing her. Eventually, Natalie realized that Jeremy was in love with Erica and that their marriage would never be a happy one, so she signed the papers and the divorce was finalized.

In July 1987, Natalie was hired as a nurse by Palmer Cortlandt , after he was shot. Natalie and Palmer eventually fell in love and planned to get married, but Palmer's son Ross Chandler, who Natalie had an affair with in the past, got in the way of their relationship. This left Natalie choosing between another father and son, but she eventually chose Palmer, which enraged Ross. In his anger, Ross raped Natalie. When hearing of this, Palmer threw his son out of the house and married Natalie soon afterward. It was not long before Palmer's selfish ways got in the way of he and Natalie's marriage. Silver Kane tried to blackmail Natalie with incriminating information, but Natalie refused to give her what she wanted. Silver attempted to shoot Natalie, but in January 1988, Natalie killed Silver in self-defense. Palmer helped her cover the murder of Silver but both were eventually discovered to be the culprit. When Silver’s body was discovered, Natalie went to trial and was sent to prison. Palmer was also incarcerated as an accomplice, charged under obstruction of justice.


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