Nick Davis

Nick Davis
Laurence Keith as Nick Davis
All My Children
Portrayed by Laurence Keith
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1970-1978, 1983-84, 1988, 1991, 1993-94, 1996-97, 2005
First appearance 1970
Last appearance January 5, 2005
Cause/reason Left Town
Gender Male
Occupation Worked for Unirest Corporation in Chicago since 1978
Owned The Chateau restaurant in 1976, sold it to Unirest Corporation in 1978
Former dance teacher who owned and operated a dance studio
Residence Chicago, Illinois
Spouses Ann Tyler (1972; divorced that same year)
Kitty Shea (1973; divorced soon after)
Romances Amy Parker (sometime in the 1950s)
Phoebe English Wallingford (1970)
Erica Kane (1976-1977; Engaged in 1977)
Children Philip Brent (son; with Amy; adopted by Ted and Ruth)
Unnamed child † (miscarriage; with Anne)
Unnamed child † (miscarriage; with Kitty)
Grandchildren Philip Charles Brent
Great-grandchildren Unnamed child

Nick Davis is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by Laurence Keith.


Nick Davis was one of the original core characters when All My Children debuted in 1970. Nick was a dancing instructor who owned and operated a dancing studio in Pine Valley and became best friends with Mona Kane. He had an illegitimate son, Phillip, with Amy, Ruth Martin's sister.

Nick fell madly in love with Ann Tyler, Phoebe and Charles Tyler's daughter. Nick believed he was sterile and therefore could not give Ann a child, so he began an affair with dancing instructor, Kitty Shea, hoping that Ann would divorce him. She did and married Paul Martin. When Kitty became pregnant with his child, Nick divorced Kitty after she miscarried. Soon he began an affair with Erica Kane, his hostess at his restaurant, The Chateau. Nick proposed marriage to Erica after she was on her deathbed, but after her health got better, he changed his mind, so Erica married Tom Cudahy. In 1978 Nick sold The Chateau to Unirest Corporation and took a new job with Unirest in Chicago. Nick promised Mona before she died, that he would keep an eye on Erica, so occasionally, he returns to Pine Valley.

Nick returned in early 1997 to help Erica cope with her miscarriage, and again in 2005 for the show's 35th anniversary. Nick visited Bianca Montgomery in the hospital after Bianca was reunited with her daughter, and surprised the family with a letter Mona had asked him to give Bianca when she had a little girl.

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