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Noah Keefer
Keith Hamilton Cobb as Noah Keefer
All My Children
Portrayed by Keith Hamilton Cobb
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1994-96
First appearance July 1994
Last appearance December 1996
Cause/reason Died
Family Keefer Family
Alias(es) Cameron Hawkins
Gender Male
Died Summer 2005
Cause of death Shot and killed by a mob-affiliated gunman
Occupation Former bartender at Hal's bar
Former photographer for Tempo magazine
Former model
Former orderly at Pine Valley Hospital
Former groundskeeper at Wildwind
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania (at time of death)
Formerly Northern California in the Witness Relocation Program
Parents Warren Keefer
Rose Keefer
Siblings Belinda Keefer
Ella Keefer (half)
Spouses Julia Santos
Romances Taylor Roxbury-Cannon
Aunts and uncles Grace Keefer

Noah Keefer is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by Keith Hamilton Cobb from 1994-96.


Noah Keefer, a guy from the wrong side of town, rescued tornado victim and runaway Julia Santos. She was horribly disfigured and depressed and the sensitive Noah cared for her and eventually fell in love with her. Later after she returned to her family Noah supported her decision to abort Louie Greco's child, the product of a violent rape. Noah got a job as a groundskeeper at Wildwind to be close to Julia and later as an orderly at Pine Valley hospital. During this time Taylor Cannon, an officer with the Pine Valley P.D, pursued him. She became obsessed with Noah and even faked a pregnancy to hold on to him. After Noah discovered that Julia really loved him, he broke things off with Taylor and she vowed revenge. Louie was released from prison and began stalking Julia. He kidnapped her and during the rescue by Noah, he pulled a gun, there was a struggle, Louie fell, struck his head and died. Taylor, who saw the whole thing, framed Noah for the murder by claiming Louie had no gun. Noah was arrested for the murder during his wedding ceremony with Julia. After escaping the prison bus, he and Julia were on the run for some time in Jamaica. He was finally vindicated and Taylor was arrested. Noah and Julia were married in a fairy tale "Cinderella" wedding. Noah is currently a bartender and budding photographer for Tempo magazine, while Julia is a nursing student. She is planning to surprise Noah with new digs, the hunting lodge at Wildwind, recently vacated by brother-in-law Dimitri Marick.

When Noah's mother returned in the fall of 1996, his world spun into disarray. Rose's husband, a hired gun, was tracking her down to keep her from spilling the beans on his illegal trade. Noah and new wife Julia got in the middle of things ending with an attempt on Julia, Rose, and Belinda's (Noah's sister) lives. Julia witnessed the would-be assassin's face and later testified in court against the man. Due to the shear danger of remaining visible with the gunman's cronies lurking around, Noah, Julia, and Rose were forced into the Witness Relocation Program and moved to Northern California where they can have no contact with their past lives in Pine Valley.