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Reggie Montgomery
Reggie - AMC.0
Michael B. Jordan as Reggie Montgomery
All My Children
Portrayed by Chadwick Boseman (2003)
Michael B. Jordan (2003-06)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 2003-06
First appearance January 2003
Last appearance June 5, 2006
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Montgomery Family
Nickname(s) Reggie
Gender Male
Occupation Personal assistant to district attorney Jackson Montgomery
Former employee of FUSION Cosmetics
Residence Formerly 421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents Jackson Montgomery (adoptive)
Siblings George Porter †
Greenlee Smythe (half; via adoption)
Lily Montgomery (half; via adoption)
2 unnamed Porter sisters
Romances Joni Stafford (kissed)
Danielle Frye (dated)
Aunts and uncles Travis Montgomery † (via adoption)
Christine Montgomery (via adoption)
First cousins Bianca Montgomery (via adoption)
Molly Montgomery (via adoption)
Sean Montgomery (via adoption)
Miranda Montgomery (once removed; via adoption)

Reggie Montgomery is a character from the soap opera All My Children, portrayed by Chadwick Boseman in 2003, and Michael B. Jordan from 2003-06.


Reggie was first seen while being treated at the Front Street Clinic. He'd been involved in a gang brawl and when he suspected he was going to be turned over to the cops, he held pregnant Anna Devane hostage. The woman who ran the clinic, Janelle, knew Reggie had a rough life with a poor mother and two sisters, not to mention a brother who had been killed in a shootout. When Reggie was taken away to juvie and then accidentally put in an adult prison, Janelle managed to persuade a fellow doctor at the clinic, David Hayward, to help him. David's brother, Trey Kenyon (a lawyer) got Reggie out of jail. As Trey was a former foster child, he felt sorry for Reggie and pledged to help make a difference in his life. Trey got him a job at FUSION. Reggie moved in with Trey and was contemptuous of his expensive furnishings and attempts at parenting. Luis, a gang leader, tracked Reggie down and threatened violence if he didn't help him rob Trey's apartment. Reggie was caught in the act and arrested. Trey helped him out of yet another jam; trying to break through his tough guy exterior, he confessed that he'd burned down Erica Kane's home. Reggie began to feel closer to Trey, but when it came time for Reggie to implicate Luis in vandalizing the apartment, Luis threatened to kill Janelle. Reggie chose to stab Trey in the back by telling DA Jackson Montgomery who had burnt down Erica's house. Trey was bewildered but in exchange for Jack becoming Reggie's guardian, he agreed to turn himself in and serve a prison sentence.

Not thrilled at the idea of having another "white Daddy", Reggie was more interested in pocketing the huge reward offered for whoever found the arsonist of Erica's home. Nonplussed, Jack put the money in a trust for him and since Kendall (Trey's sister) had fired Reggie from his job at Fusion, put him to work at the community center. Reggie immediately clashed with the rich, white Joni Stafford, who was working at the center as a part of her community service. Their bickering contained an underlying romantic tension and they unwittingly helped the other step outside of their normal boundaries. Meanwhile, Reggie realized just how much he'd started to care about Jack when Jack was shot in an alleyway. Luis was at the scene of the crime and Reggie wrestled with his conscience about turning him in. Joni took the decision out of his hands when she told Jack a few weeks later. Luis was not charged, and was not out of Reggie's life just yet. Reggie and Joni had started working on a house-building project. As payback for earlier mistakes, Luis forced Reggie to steal supplies for him. Joni figured out items were missing and although Reggie kissed her to distract her, she quickly found out about what was going on with Luis. Eventually, Reggie had enough and stole Jack's gun, deciding to kill Luis. The cops arrested them both before anything could happen, but Reggie testified against Luis, and Luis was put behind bars, out of Reggie's life. Breathing easy for a few moments, Reggie continued seeing Joni and instead of resenting Jack, accepted him as a father and felt grateful to have a place in Jack's life.

Jack adopted Reggie, who quickly fit in to his new family -- so much so that when Michael Cambias got off for raping his adoptive cousin Bianca that Reggie helped Kendall dispose of Michael's body when she killed him, and covered the truth up when it became obvious that Bianca hadn't remembered what happened. When he met runaway Danielle Frye, the two were instantly attracted, but her father Derek wasn't thrilled with her getting hooked up with Reggie. Derek eventually relented and allowed the two to see each other. Danielle and Reggie danced around the idea of getting involved sexually, but after both revealed they were virgins, they agreed to wait. Reggie was devastated when Danielle lost her virginity on a one-nighter with Josh Madden.

In early 2007, Reggie was revealed to be living outside of Pine Valley, attending college on a basketball scholarship.

Crimes Committed[]

  • Got into a fistfight with Luis [Mar 10, 2003]
  • Punched David Hayward [Oct 28, 2003]
  • Punched a cop [Arrested; Dec 11, 2003]
  • Punched Jonathan Lavery in the stomach [Jan 14, 2005]
  • Punched Josh Madden [Jul 11, 2005]
  • Punched Josh [Jul 18, 2005]