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Rob Gardner
David Rasche as Rob Gardner
All My Children
Portrayed by David Rasche
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2008
First appearance 2008
Last appearance May 2008
Cause/reason Sent to prison
Created by James Harmon Brown
Barbara Esensten
Family Gardner Family
Gender Male
Occupation Unemployed/in prison
Residence Prison
Siblings Ray Gardner
Nieces and nephews Tad Martin
Jenny Gardner Nelson
Jamie Martin (great)
Damon Miller (great)
Bess Martin † (great)
Kathy Martin (great)
Jenny Martin (great)

Rob Gardner is a character from the soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by David Rasche in 2008.


Rob Gardner is the brother of Ray Gardner, Tad Martin's biological father. He arrived in Pine Valley in 2008 and has connections to Jesse Hubbard's faked death in the 1980s. He came to Pine Valley and tried to make nice with Tad and Opal so that he could get close to the Hubbard family. Opal welcomed him but Tad always felt uneasy.

It turned out that Rob was really the criminal Papel, who kidnapped Jesse and faked his death 20 years before. He tried on several occasions to get stolen diamonds from Jesse but failed; when Jesse and Angie had their vow renewal, Rob make one last effort but Jesse stopped him. Tad and Julia were short and so was Rob.