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Founded in 1963, originally, Tempo magazine was a fashion and lifestyle magazine owned by Chandler Enterprises, located in New York City. The magazine was first introduced in 1985, when the magazine's owner and publisher, Adam Chandler, offered Erica Kane, the position of editor-in-chief, while she worked as a fashion model in New York City. However, in 1987, Adam Chandler offered Brooke English the editor-in-chief position, and began pitting Brooke against Erica to assert his power. But the magazine headquarters were located in NYC and Brooke did not want to move. So when Adam offered to move the shop to Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, Brooke more gladly accepted the job.

With Brooke at the reigns of Tempo, the magazine's format was changed from fashion to hard news content, and eventually the magazine became a first-class publication.


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