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Terrence Frye
220px-Dondre Whitfield.jpg
Dondre T. Whitfield as Terrence Frye
All My Children
Portrayed by Akili Prince (1991)
Dondre T. Whitfield (1991-1994)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1991-94
First appearance June 1991
Last appearance December 1994
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Frye Family
Gender Male
Occupation University Student
Residence Unknown
Parents Livia Frye Cudahy
Lucas Barnes
Tom Cudahy (step)
Siblings Jamal Cudahy
Laura Cudahy † (step)
Romances An Li Chen (dated)
Julia Santos † (dated)
Aunts and uncles Derek Frye
First cousins Danielle Frye

Terrence Frye is a character from the soap opera, All My Children.


Terrence Frye was always his mother’s son. His father, Lucas Barnes, had left them before he was born. Terrence worried about his mother, Livia Frye’s, happiness. He hoped that moving to Pine Valley would help his mother find love.

Terrence was finally settling in his new home in Pine Valley when his world was rocked upside down. While at the Pine Valley Health Center, Terrence was confronted by two racist university students. Terrence paid no attention to their epitaphs. As he was leaving the facility, the two mean followed him. They beat him to near death, leaving Terrence in a coma. When Terrence awoke, he learned the truth about the nature of his attacks. The two mean were part of a larger racist network called Deconstruction. Terrence’s uncle, Derek Frye, took the lead in the investigation. Also, Lucas had returned. He wanted to be a part of Terrence’s life. Lucas also complicated matters with Livia and her new husband, Tom Cudahy.

Terrence recovered from his attack. He began dating An Li Chen fresh after her divorce from Brian Bodine.

Terrence met wild Julia Santos. Terrence wanted to help Julia fit in Pine Valley. Julia only put up with Terrence because she was attracted to him. Taylor Cannon became very jealous of Julia. Taylor wanted Terrence for herself. Julia warned Terrence about Taylor. On the night of Danielle Frye’s birth, the hospital was filled with so much tension that no one noticed when she went missing. Terrence tracked down his cousin’s kidnapper, Grace Keefer. Grace had just lost her son, Tony Keefer. Grace could not bear to see Danielle lying unloved when all she wanted was to care for a child. Grace ran up to a cliff, intent of jumping off so as to be with Tony. Terrence was able to talk Grace down. He returned Danielle to Mimi and Derek.

At the end of the year, Terrence left Pine Valley to attend University. He planned to become a doctor.