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Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin - Twins.jpg
Michael and Brody McMaklin as Trevor Martin
All My Children
Portrayed by Aidan and Connor Sharpe (2009–10)
Logan and Noah Ireland (2010)
Dylan and Jordan Duszynski (2010–11)
Michael and Brody McMaklin (2011)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 2009-11
First appearance June 12, 2009
Last appearance September 21, 2011
Cause/reason Series Finale
Created by Charles Pratt, Jr.
Introduced by Julie Hanan Carruthers
Family Martin Family
Dillon Family
Gender Male
Born June 12, 2009
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania
Parents Amanda Dillon
Jake Martin
Grandparents Joe Martin
Ruth Martin
Trevor Dillon
Janet Marlowe Dillon
Natalie Marlowe Dillon † (adoptive)
Great-grandparents Henry Martin †
Kate Martin †
Wilma Marlowe
Aunts and uncles Jeff Martin (half)
Phil Brent (half; adoptive)
Bobby Martin (half)
Tad Martin (adoptive)
Tim Dillon (half; adoptive)
Paul Martin (great)
Tara Martin (half)
Amy Tyler (great)
Arlene Dillon Vaughan (great)
Natalie Marlowe Dillon † (great)
First cousins Josh Madden † (half)
Charlie Brent (half; adoptive)
Kelsey Jefferson (half)
Damon Miller (adoptive)
Jamie Martin (adoptive)
Kathy Martin (adoptive)
Jenny Martin (adoptive)
Beth Martin (once removed)
Phil Brent (once removed)
Sam Grey (once removed)
Hayley Vaughan Santos (once removed)
Tim Dillon (once removed)
Other relatives Enzo Santos

Trevor Jacob Martin was born on June 12, 2009 to Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon. His parents told everyone that the baby "Jacob" had died as a way to keep him away from David Hayward, believed to be his biological father at the time. "Jacob" was then illegally adopted by Liza Colby, who passed the baby boy off as her own biological son, whom she named Stuart, after Adam Chandler's twin brother.

Liza Colby and Amanda's husband Jake came up with a plan to make everyone in Pine Valley believe that Stuart is her biological son — she doesn't know that Stuart is another child, not the son of Amanda and David. Amanda names him Trevor after her late father. To keep their son safe, Trevor was hidden with Taylor Thompson, who pretended that Trevor is her niece Tracy.

Amanda and Jake hatched a plan to adopt the baby as their own. Opal and her granddaughter Kathy discovered the baby, and Opal helped Jake, Amanda, Tad, and Taylor "discover" the baby abandoned at the church, so Jake and Amanda can "adopt" him. Opal didn't show up and he was discovered and taken by Randi Hubbard.

David learned that his son was alive and wanted to put Amanda and Jake in jail, but then decided to blackmail Amanda into moving in with him and their child. Amanda and the baby move in together with David. David doesn't want Amanda's husband to have anything to do with "their" child.

David finds out he is not Trevor's father on November 30, 2009, and he doesn't tell Jake because he wants Amanda and Trevor to himself. To cover up the secret, he tells Amanda that he is dying from a rare blood disease. He manages to gain Amanda's sympathy.

Trevor and his mother move in with his father, Jake, on December 23, 2009. On January 13, 2010, Trevor is tested for the same blood disease as David when Amanda finds information that indicates the disease is hereditary. Luckily, the results are negative. Amanda begins to question Trevor's paternity, and has a test run to determine if David or JR Chandler is the father. She later confides to Jake that she thinks he might be Trevor's father. The paternity test comes in and Trevor is proven to be Jake's son, not David's.