Trevor Martin
Trevor Martin - Twins
Michael & Brody McMaklin as Trevor Martin
All My Children
Portrayed by Joey (2009)

Aidan and Connor Sharpe (2009-2010 Logan and Noah Ireland (2010) Dylan and Jordan Duszynski (2010) Michael and Brody McMackin (2011 Ryan and Thomas Pogge (2011)

Current status Former
Duration 2009-2011
First appearance July 17, 2009
Last appearance September 2011
Cause/reason Network Finale
Gender Male
Born June 12, 2009
Age 1
Parents Jake Martin (father)
Amanda Dillon Martin (mother)
Grandparents Joe and Ruth Martin (paternal grandparents)
Trevor and Janet Dillon (maternal grandparents)
Great-grandparents Henry Martin (paternal great-grandfather)
Katherine "Kate" Martin (paternal great-grandmother)
Wilma Marlowe (maternal great-grandmother)
Aunts and uncles Jeffrey "Jeff Martin (paternal uncle)
Philip "Phil" Brent (adoptive paternal uncle; deceased)
Tara Martin (paternal aunt)
Robert "Bobby" Martin (paternal uncle; deceased)
Thaddeus "Tad" Martin (adoptive paternal uncle)
Timothy "Tim" Dillon (adoptive maternal uncle)
Paul Martin (paternal great-uncle)
Amy Parker (paternal great-aunt)
Natalie Marlowe Dillon (maternal great-aunt)
Arlene Dillon Vaughan (maternal great-aunt)
First cousins Josh Madden (paternal cousin, deceased)
Charles "Charlie" Brent (paternal adopted cousin)
Kelsey Jefferson (paternal cousin)

James "Jamie" Martin (paternal adopted cousin)
Kathleen "Kathy" Martin (paternal adopted cousin)
Jennifer "Jenny" Martin (paternal adopted cousin)
Unnamed child (paternal adopted paternal first cousin once removed)
Samuel "Sam" Grey (paternal first cousin once removed)
Tim Dillon (biological maternal first cousin once removed)

Trevor Jacob Martin was a fictional character on ABC's soap opera All My Children.  He was played by various child actors.

Character History: Edit

Trevor Martin is the son of Jake Martin and Amanda Dillon Martin. Trevor was named after Amanda's late father Trevor Dillon. Throughout most her pregnancy and the first six months of Trevor's life Amanda believe that David Hayward was Trevor's father.

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