Uri Koslov
Martin Harvey as Yuri
Online Reboot of AMC
Portrayed by Martin Harvey
Current status Forthcoming, recurring
Duration 2013-present
Family Koslov
Gender Male
Occupation Mobster in a Russian Mob, working with Vlad Koslov
Other relatives Vlad Koslov (younger/lower in family tree due to Uri having control)

Uri Koslov is a fictional character on the Prospect Park's Online Reboot of AMC.  He is part of the Koslov's Russian Mob and is the boss and relative of Vlad Koslov He appeared on May 7th episode with Martin Harvey portraying the character.  It was thought that his name was Yuri, but closing credits and Harvey's personal website lists him as Uri.


He is seen walking and noticing Vlad locking the door (that leads to Cassandra Foster) and reminds Vlad that he is not allowed to "touch the merchandise".  He is seen again preparing for a turf war with a local competitor (most likely Billy Clyde Tuggle)