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Will Cortlandt
James Patrick Stuart.jpg
James Patrick Stuart as Will Cortlandt
All My Children
Portrayed by Lonnie Quinn (1988-89)
James Patrick Stuart (1989-92, 1994)
Current status Former; Regular
Duration 1988-92, 1994
First appearance 1988
Last appearance 1994
Cause/reason Died
Family Cortlandt Family
Cooney Family
Gender Male
Born March 1992
Cause of death Hit in the head with a crowbar by Janet Marlowe Dillon
Residence Pine Valley, Pennsylvania (at time of death)
Parents Bess Cooney
Seabone Hunkle
Siblings Lanie Cortlandt Rampal
Dixie Cooney Martin
Del Henry (half)
Di Henry † (half)
Spouses Hayley Vaughan Santos
Romances Skye Chandler-Quartermaine (dated; 1990)
Gloria Marsh (raped; 1991)
Aunts and uncles Palmer Cortlandt
Nieces and nephews JR Chandler
Bess Martin †
Kathy Martin
AJ Chandler (great-nephew)
First cousins Julie Rand Chandler (adopted once removed)
Bobby Warner (adopted once removed)
Michael Warner (once removed)
Asher Pike (once removed)
Sam Grey (adopted twice removed)
Ross Chandler
Nina Cortlandt
Andrew Preston (adopted cousin)
Pete Cortlandt
Caleb Cortlandt

Will Cortlandt is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by James Patrick Stuart.


Will Cooney left Pigeon Hallow with his sister, Dixie Cooney, after the death of their mother, Bess Cooney Hunkle. They were in search of their uncle, Pete Cooney, in Pine Valley. Will got a job as a stable-hand at the Cortlandt Manor. Unbeknownst to him, his newest employer was his Uncle Pete, local Pine Valley millionaire Palmer Cortlandt.

Dixie discovered that their sister, Della Cooney, was also at the Manor. She was now going by the name Lanie Cortlandt. As a child, she had been sent to live with an Aunt in Europe to escape the impoverished small town life the other Cooneys were stuck in. Lanie revealed Palmer’s true identity. Palmer promised his nephew and nieces would never have to go without again. Palmer hired Will at Cortlandt Electronics. He too adopted the Cortlandt name.

Palmer asked Will to protect his interests at Chandler Industries. Will began dating Skye Chandler to get into the inner-workings of the Chandler family. Skye gave Will a hot stock tip that he in turn passed to Palmer. The tip turned out to be a trap set by the Chandlers. Palmer lost most of his holdings in Chandler Industries as a result. What estranged Palmer and Will further was his decision to continue dating Skye in spite of her deception.

Will was engaged to Skye. Their relationship suffered when he was accused of poisoning Palmer. When Will turned to Skye for support, she could not give it to him. Skye was not sure of Will’s innocence. Will broke off their engagement. Will knew something was awry when Craig Lawson weaseled his way into Dixie’s life. He claimed to be Dixie's husband Tad Martin’s friend from his time in California. Will had his doubts about his story and hired a private investigator. In the meantime, he wanted Craig out of Cortlandt Electronics. Will made it look like Craig had stolen $20,000 from Cortlandt Electronics. When his part in the incident came out, Dixie rejected him. Palmer took Craig’s side and disowned his nephew. Down and out, Erica Kane extended a helping hand by giving his a job at Enchantment Cosmetics. Erica hoped that Palmer would one day be able to accept his nephew again.

Will made plans to take over Enchantment from within. He found his opportunity in Enchantment’s newest employee, Adam’s daughter, Hayley Vaughan. Hayley was fresh off a break up with high school sweet heart, Brian Bodine. Hayley had turned to alcohol, and Will fueled her addiction. Will convinced Hayley that they loved each other, and they eloped. Over the last few years Will had accumulated many enemies. He had raped Gloria Marsh after picking her up at bar. He blackmailed Craig when he learned the truth about his affair with Gloria. Adam and Palmer came to Will with a proposition. They had cut him a large check contingent on him leaving Pine Valley forever. But, Will wanted to milk them for more.

That night, Will made plans to finally consummate his marriage with Hayley. When Hayley continued to spurn his advances, Will went into a violent rage. Hayley barricaded herself in their room. Janet Green broke into their apartment. Before Will could do anything, she struck him dead with a crowbar.