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Wilma Marlowe
Dena Dietrich as Wilma Marlowe
All My Children
Portrayed by Ruby Holbrooke (1986-87)
Dena Dietrich (1994)
Current status Former; Recurring
Duration 1986-87, 1994
First appearance 1986
Last appearance 1994
Cause/reason Left Town
Family Marlowe Family
Nickname(s) Jane Cox
Gender Female
Residence Unknown
Spouses Mr. Marlowe
Children Janet Marlowe Dillon (twin)
Natalie Marlowe Dillon (twin; deceased)
Grandchildren Amanda Dillon (via Janet)
Tim Dillon (via Natalie)
Great-grandchildren Trevor Martin (via Amanda)

Wilma Jane Marlowe (née Cox) is a character on the soap opera All My Children. She is best known for being the mother of Natalie and Janet Marlowe.


Wilma Marlowe is the mother of two daughters, Natalie and Janet. She always preferred her more attractive and successful daughter Natalie, while constantly verbally and emotionally abusing her younger daughter Janet. Her husband was not very prevalent in their daughters' lives (mentioned in a conversation between Natalie and Wilma), and this may have contributed to Natalie's fixation on older men. Wilma's constant belittling of Janet became the source of many psychological issues that led Janet to become delusional and paranoid.